Fallen Angels, Finished Works
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Completed Cypher and Command Squad

As promised I completed Cypher and posting the pictures, off to a good start on my new goals!

Cypher the Fallen Angel - Front

Cypher was a great character in 3rd Edition Chaos that was mysteriously phased out in the following Codex which really is a shame. Though after reading DFG’s rumor roundup it seems like he may be making a comeback!

Cypher the Fallen Angel - Right

Cypher the Fallen Angel - Left

And here is the full squad together. I am quite aware that I may never be able to play with the squad (except for Apoc of course) but after sitting in my closet for years I figured that Cypher had earned himself a squad.

Cypher and his Command Squad of Fallen

Well the pictures capture that I haven’t really “completed” the squad as most evident by the lack of a banner. I also haven’t finished clear coating and glossing the models (see the back of the medic for a finished piece there), but it is done enough to post and put on the shelf until the day I decide to add custom banners to models.

Cypher and his Command Squad of Fallen - Back

Next up will be some Ork Boyz!