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Army Finished and Tourny Results

Perhaps the title is a bit misleading, are any of our little plastic armies ever really finished? Perhaps not, but I completed the 2,000 point army I brought to the Seattle GT  including a display board for it. Two models that were last to be finished also completed (though very late) ToEMP #10: officer of the fleet and the company command’s chimera. The officer of the fleet is a real help against reserved based armies such as drop pod marines. During the tournament he wasn’t a game changer as none of my opponents relied on reserves, but then again maybe they just changed their tactics in response to him? The Chimera was used to protect my command squad with the invaluable Commander Creed. This tank was destroyed in nearly every game in the tournament but Creed was lost in only 2 of them, so I think all in all it was well worth its cost. As for my results? I achieved my goal for my first ever GT: win 2 games. In fact I even …

A Year in Review

After reading through December’s White Dwarf article about GW’s year in review I was inspired to look back on what I had accomplished this year. January The 14th Grand Company blog is started The Iron Warriors are started: Baneblade Dreadnaught Land Raider Captain Nestryx Raptors February Must have slept through this month! March The scratch built titan is started The Basilisk company is finished April Defilier Terminators A little progress on the titan Chaos Space Marine Squad May Another CSM troop squad done Three weeks in the hospital for appendicitis June The traitor guard army begins with Platoon Command The Warsmith is started My first 40k tourny, taking 2nd place July The Warsmith is painted The Traitor Guard grows with Platoon with lascannon support Seattle hits 90+ degree temperatures and I learn how to paint in the heat August Another platoon finished I join A Tale of Even More Painters and 73rd encourages many to finish those projects The Company command is finished and the traitor guard is a legit army A Leman Russ appears …

Another Tank Swells the Ranks – ToEMP #8 Done

I have just finished another tank to my growing horde of traitor guard. This one is the dreaded Leman Russ Demolisher with sponsoon plasma cannons. Indeed it is a pricy tank, but when it lets loose, it is sure worth it. Thanks to the Lumbering Behemoth rule it can move 6″ and still fire off the demolisher and a plasma cannon, ensuring the destruction of any squad unlucky enough to get in its way. The demolisher cannon is a kit bash using the Banehammer cannon that I didn’t use for my Baneblade. I had 4 Leman Russ kits, a built Leman Russ and an old built Leman Russ demolisher so I decided to build my own demolisher cannons to create two full squads of tanks, one of the traditional LR and another of demolishers (the other 4 tanks are built and painting has started so watch for them!) Every weapon on the tank is AP2, ensuring that anything that the tank hits will not get a armor save. I tried something different with the back …

Tanksgiving Indeed

Just got back from the Tanksgiving event at the local GW store, and wow there were a lot of tanks there. One gent alone brought 200+ IG, Eldar and Tau tanks, walkers and a few Avatars. Although our store didn’t have the most in the region (two others had 1,000+!) we tallied up 800 tanks, walkers, large targets, monsters and supper heavies. Now for some picts! First up the growing tank arsenal of the 14th Grand Company: And Group Shot #1 And shot #2 And more tanks! Sorry a few are a bit blurry, the camera was having some issues, but I think it gets the point across: a table full of tanks is crazy, but 4 tables full of tanks is crazier! Also if you take a look at my tanks you get a peak of what is on my painting bench and been keeping me busy: 5 more Russes and a Chimera to bulk up my traitors!

Nothing Like a Big Game to Get Excited Again

So I haven’t really been that active in the 40k world this last month for many reasons, one of which was a low excitement for the hobby. This was in part due to not playing a game in nearly 2 months. In the last two weeks though I have had the chance to play my traitor guard twice and took part in a ridiculously huge Apocalypse game. My traitor guard played brilliant and pulled off a win in the last turn in both games. The first was against a small, elite space marine bike army that hit hard but was brittle. Highlight of that game was one of my platoon commanders surviving an assault of 3 bikers and in return cutting all three down with his power weapon! Game two was against a drop pod army hurt the turn it came in but lacked any mobility. Highlight of that game was my banewolves coming in from reserve and toasting an entire tactical squad. In revenge my opponent dropped his sternguard squad with 8 (yes eight!) …

Missile Launcher Squad – ToEMP #4 Done

Well I was hoping to have finished both this squad as well as the mortar squad for the 4th ToEMP challenge, but alas, I got distracted yet again. The 4th challenge was 60 points of what ever we felt like, as long as we gave a reason why we chose what we did. I picked this squad (and wanted to finish the mortar squad) because they are the “last” troops I need to paint for my traitor guard.  And when I say last, we all know that means: “all I currently have at this time, until I get inspired to buy more plastic crack…” Any way onto the pictures: I want my traitor guard to be colorful, but not over the top with mutations and such (the Iron Warriors really don’t like that type of thing). For the fourth challenge I earn: Foot sloggers x6: 6 points Meeting deadline: 2 points Total Points: 8 Total to date: 69 Hmm I didn’t really push my self to much for this challenge did I? One of my …

Armour Sentinels Finished

I finished the last touches on my armoured sentinels for my traitor guard a few days ago but haven’t had a chance to post the pictures yet. Although one of the options for the current ToEMP challenge is a fast attack, I’m not going to count these as I had them nearly finished before the challenge was called. I have two scout sentinels that are coming along that I am using for the third challenge and should be posting wip shots soon.

Traitor Leman Russ Complete – ToEMP Challenge 2 Done

Pictures of my finished Leman Russ Battle Tank for my traitor guard. Although I was hoping to have had a head start on the second challenge for 73rd’s A Tale of Even More Painters with my sentinels, I came back from my work trip to find the challenge was to paint an elites choice, and if none were available then a heavy support could be painted instead. I had neither choice planned for the short term for my traitor guard and didn’t even have any models I could put together for it, but luckily I had one of my brothers old Leman Russ tanks in the back of my closet. With his permission I have relinquished the tank from those who worship the corpse and added it to my growing horde.