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A Year in Review

After reading through December’s White Dwarf article about GW’s year in review I was inspired to look back on what I had accomplished this year. January The 14th Grand Company blog is started The Iron Warriors are started: Baneblade Dreadnaught Land Raider Captain Nestryx Raptors February Must have slept through this month! March The scratch built titan is started The Basilisk company is finished April Defilier Terminators A little progress on the titan Chaos Space Marine Squad May Another CSM troop squad done Three weeks in the hospital for appendicitis June The traitor guard army begins with Platoon Command The Warsmith is started My first 40k tourny, taking 2nd place July The Warsmith is painted The Traitor Guard grows with Platoon with lascannon support Seattle hits 90+ degree temperatures and I learn how to paint in the heat August Another platoon finished I join A Tale of Even More Painters and 73rd encourages many to finish those projects The Company command is finished and the traitor guard is a legit army A Leman Russ appears …

Tau Battle Suit – ToEMP #7a Done

I finished my body guard for the Shas’O. This is my second, and probably last for a while, Tau battle suit. Armed with a plasma rifle, missile pod and shield generator this suit can either hunt tanks or MEQs at range, while sticking around for a bit. This model is half of my submission for ToEMP #7 which earns me: Large model: 2 pts Icons/Marks: 1 pnt Beating deadline: 2pnts Meating Deadline: 2pnts Total: 7 points! I am also finishing up the second entry for Challenge #7 and here is the sneak peak:

Something New: Tau – ToEMP #6

Although I’m not sure if I will ever build up a full army, I succumbed to the desire to own a mecha army.  I like the idea and look of the Tau army so I thought I’d try out painting a few before committing.  After buying the codex and spending a few days searching Google Images I decided on the blue suits but wanted a worn and dirty look. I was inspired very much buy this guy on Advanced Tau Tactica. Although I enjoyed painting this model, the battle suite models (I built another to escort the Shas’O) it is poorly designed and had a bunch of voids that needed filling. Even discarding the minor conversion work, I still needed to use a great deal of green stuff to smooth out the armor. The armament was chosen more out of looks and “coolness” than perhaps competitiveness. I like the idea of the ion blaster, although (and maybe perhaps because) it is unpredictable and using the droid as the shield generator just looks cool. Although  I …