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Something New: Tau – ToEMP #6

Although I’m not sure if I will ever build up a full army, I succumbed to the desire to own a mecha army.  I like the idea and look of the Tau army so I thought I’d try out painting a few before committing.  After buying the codex and spending a few days searching Google Images I decided on the blue suits but wanted a worn and dirty look. I was inspired very much buy this guy on Advanced Tau Tactica.

Although I enjoyed painting this model, the battle suite models (I built another to escort the Shas’O) it is poorly designed and had a bunch of voids that needed filling. Even discarding the minor conversion work, I still needed to use a great deal of green stuff to smooth out the armor.

The armament was chosen more out of looks and “coolness” than perhaps competitiveness. I like the idea of the ion blaster, although (and maybe perhaps because) it is unpredictable and using the droid as the shield generator just looks cool.

Shas'O - Front

Shas'O - Left

Shas'O - Back

Shas'O - Right

Although  I was hoping to finish my bane wolves (which really are as good as they sound!) for this challenge but I haven’t got that far.  The next challenge is for fast attack and elites so I’m hoping to finish both my bane wolves and this fellow’s body guard.

Painting Points for this round:

  • Large Model: 2 points
  • Hard Challenge: 15 points
  • Meeting Deadline: 2 points
  • Total: 19 points