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Tau Battle Suit – ToEMP #7a Done

I finished my body guard for the Shas’O. This is my second, and probably last for a while, Tau battle suit. Armed with a plasma rifle, missile pod and shield generator this suit can either hunt tanks or MEQs at range, while sticking around for a bit. This model is half of my submission for ToEMP #7 which earns me: Large model: 2 pts Icons/Marks: 1 pnt Beating deadline: 2pnts Meating Deadline: 2pnts Total: 7 points! I am also finishing up the second entry for Challenge #7 and here is the sneak peak:

Something New: Tau – ToEMP #6

Although I’m not sure if I will ever build up a full army, I succumbed to the desire to own a mecha army.  I like the idea and look of the Tau army so I thought I’d try out painting a few before committing.  After buying the codex and spending a few days searching Google Images I decided on the blue suits but wanted a worn and dirty look. I was inspired very much buy this guy on Advanced Tau Tactica. Although I enjoyed painting this model, the battle suite models (I built another to escort the Shas’O) it is poorly designed and had a bunch of voids that needed filling. Even discarding the minor conversion work, I still needed to use a great deal of green stuff to smooth out the armor. The armament was chosen more out of looks and “coolness” than perhaps competitiveness. I like the idea of the ion blaster, although (and maybe perhaps because) it is unpredictable and using the droid as the shield generator just looks cool. Although  I …