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Traitor Conscripts: The zombie slaves start to assemble

Traitor Conscripts - Zombie Slaves for the Traitor Guard

In between painting sessions, I’ve slowly been building up the legion of conscripts for Traitor Guard. Using a mix of Zombies, Flagellents,  Cadian troopers, and various bitz I’ve picked up along the way, the unit has started to come together. Current tally is 20/50 built. Why so many conscripts? Well it seems 6th edition has turned into a troopers game and there is no cheaper trooper than a pack of conscripts with “Send in the Next Wave!” For 270 points I can field 50 models, take them off at any point, and bring them back on the next turn!

Combining the various kits has been a challenge of patience and creativity. The various bodies don’t line up with the different arms, and the heads are made for completely different sockets. This has led to green stuff magic to hide defects and tie pieces together as you can see in some of the individual shots below.

Chaos Conscripts WIP

I particularly like the second from the right above, he is my zombified Rambo. But you can see the small amounts of green stuff to tie pieces together should go a long ways.

Chaos Conscripts WIP

The bell boy above and the flail hand two up hint at the craziness of chaos while the officer in the stocks hints at the unwilling prisoners.

The theme I’m going for is a mix of enslaved loyalists who haven’t yet broken, zombie guard, and chaos fanatics who have become depraved and decayed beyond normal use. The Chaos Overlords herd them all together and send them off as a noisy meat shield.

Paint should be coming to these guys shortly, once I finish the bastion and defensive lines.