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Traitor Leman Russ

So with the long, holiday weekend I spent a bit of time finishing up the two Traitor Russ Battle Tanks. These are of course for the Traitor Guard aspect of the 14th Grand Company.

Leman Russ 3 - 14th Grand Company

Here is the finished Traitor Leman Russ #2. The main body is the faded orange/red streaks but added a couple of large Chaos stars that the Forge World models tend to have. I think it helps break up the large spaces well and add new interest.

Traitor Leman Russ 2 Final - Right

At first I was going to paint the lenses green to match my Iron Warriors but through it clashed a bit too much and decided on the blue instead. The cool blue offsets all the warm oranges and is more fitting with the cool silver.

Traitor Leman Russ 2 Final - Front

I also thought the cargo boxes looked a bit funny being empty so I painted up some bitz to add some details. This one has an extra gas can (for those torch wielding fanatics), an extra lasgun and a rusty shovel. You can also see the close up of the weathering done around the hatches.

Traitor Leman Russ 2 Final - Cargo

And Russ #3. Again with the large Chaos star and my Iron Warriors badge on the turret.

Traitor Leman Russ 3 Final - Right


You can see the star somewhat matches on the other side, but with enough differences to keep it from being a uniform.Traitor Leman Russ 3 Final - Left

This one got a camo cloth and broken down  stubber.

Traitor Leman Russ 3 Final - Goodies

Hope you all like how they turned out. I have the two Leman Russ Demolishers still to do but first I have a surprise. The next unit has been sitting on my desk for a few years now begging to be painted and all you old school Chaos players might remember this character 🙂