Fallen Angels, WIP
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The Fallen, or nearly Forgotten Models (Part 1)

As promised in my last post I’ve been working on something that old timer Chaos players may remember: Fallen Angels. These are the secret that the Dark Angels do not want any one to know about. They are the followers of the mysterious Cypher which was a special character option in the 3rd edition Chaos Space Marine Codex.

I’ve had these models kicking around my closet for years (Cypher since 3rd edition even) and never got around to painting them up until this last week. After priming and laying down the base coat on all the models I decided to do a test model first to see how it turned out.

Fallen Angel Chaos Space Marine - 1 - Front

As there is no official Fallen models I am using normal Dark Angel models for the squad with bits from the command squad. I could not find any special markings to set them apart from the loyal brothers so I just added some blood to the wings, symbolizing them being torn off.Fallen Angel Chaos Space Marine - 1 - Right

Although this model is 90% done I still have markings left to do but I’m not sure what they will be, any suggestions? I also really wanted to play with the robes, making them look like they have been dragged through the mud a bit.Fallen Angel Chaos Space Marine - 1 - Left

Also wanted to play with a bit of gory-painting and show they actually use those chain-saw weapons of death.


And just to prove that I really do have the whole squad and the mystery that is Cypher:Fallen Angels Chaos Space Marines - Group WIP 1So one down, five more to go and a banner to boot.