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Mentor Legion Painting Guide for the base colors

Painting the Mentor Legion Dreadnought Part 1

Ready to start painting your model but not sure how to begin? In today’s tutorial I will show you how to paint a Mentor Legion Dreadnought with plenty of tips and tricks that you can apply to your own models. This is part two of this six-part series for Dreadtober 2016. Last week I showed you my processes for building a custom model through kit bashing. In this post we do all the main colors, leaving the final details for another tutorial. The Mentors are a great chapter to teach a bunch of different colors as they have white (gloriously hard white!), dark green and red, and I even throw in some yellow to mark them as the second company. Add in the metallics, cabling, lenses, and later detail work I am pretty confident that there will something in here for you. Getting Started We left of last week’s tutorial with an assembled model ready for paint. So the first thing to do is give him a coat of primer. The primer does two things: …

Iron Warriors Chosen Squad

Iron Warriors Chosen – The Warsmith’s Champions

When I was building out my Iron Warriors army, I wanted to create a protector squad for the Warsmith. I felt that Iron Warriors Chosen wouldn’t be full of mutations and craziness since they disdain the weakness of the flesh. So instead, I took bits from the Chaos Knights and built a custom squad with force weapons and storm shields. While this load out does not exist in the Chaos Codex, with the new flexible way Games Workshop is building out the armies, I have played these as Wolf Guard or even Honor Guard. The core of the model is just select bits of normal Chaos Space Marines, but the arms are from the Chaos Knights for fantasy. To also help set them off as special, they are on the 40mm bases as well with some added height. The selection of shields from the kit is fantastic and a good mix. The champion’s shield was actually from the Juggernaut Lord that I used for the base of my Warsmith, but since he wasn’t using it, …

Iron Warriors Helbrute Red Background

A Little Chaos to the mix: Iron Warriors Helbrute

So to break up the aliens a bit, I got a bit excited that the Helbrute kit finally came out for Chaos. I had been holding on to the Dark Vengeance model – which I think is a fantastic model (especially for a starter kit!) but I was waiting for a multi-part kit to customize it. For me the stubby Multi-Melta looked a bit off, so that’s what I fixed! To contrast the silver and yellows of my Iron Warriors, I figured purple would do just nicely so I went with purple-blue skin and red-purple red accents. The skin is worked up from Xereus Purple to Calgar blue (with some Lothern blue on the tubing). I used washes of Khorne Red, Leviathan Purple, and Earthshade to add the bruising and shadows. The red was built up over a few shades of red and purple wash used on the daemon face and tentacles. Hard coat was later added to the claws to make them blood-glossy. From the top you can see the nice contrast between purple flesh, …

Mentor Legion Ironclad Dreadnought

Ironclad Dreadnought of the Mentor Legion

So after deciding to build up my Mentor Legion last fall, I bought the Space Marine mega force, which along with the battle force and the last two starter kits worth of marines in my closet, gives me nearly enough marines to build a company. To round out all those foot troopers, I need some big guns and fists. This is where the wonderful Ironclad Dreadnought comes in. It may have not been my first choice for awesome marine models, but since it came along with the mega force, I might as well put him to work. On this model I also was trying out some of the weathering powders for both the model and the base. I had bought the set from Forge World as well as the Master Class book and was anxious to give it a try. They are a bit difficult to get into place, but I feel it gives a better blend when you mix the colors before setting them. The model also includes a few custom purity seals to help …

Fallen Angel Command Completed

The Fallen, Command Squad Complete (Part 3)

  So I finally completed the last two members of the Fallen Angel command squad to accompany Cypher. Well when I say complete, the models are complete, I now need to create a banner or the pole bearer… I’ll be spending some time on FTW trying to get ideas for that.   First up, the standard bearer:     And the final member: the power weapon bearing dude.     And here is the squad all together waiting their mighty, if mysterious leader.As I paint Cypher up I plan to take more step-by-step pictures to post how I did each step. stay tuned!        

Fallen Angel Chaos Space Marine - 1 - Front

The Fallen, or nearly Forgotten Models (Part 1)

As promised in my last post I’ve been working on something that old timer Chaos players may remember: Fallen Angels. These are the secret that the Dark Angels do not want any one to know about. They are the followers of the mysterious Cypher which was a special character option in the 3rd edition Chaos Space Marine Codex. I’ve had these models kicking around my closet for years (Cypher since 3rd edition even) and never got around to painting them up until this last week. After priming and laying down the base coat on all the models I decided to do a test model first to see how it turned out. As there is no official Fallen models I am using normal Dark Angel models for the squad with bits from the command squad. I could not find any special markings to set them apart from the loyal brothers so I just added some blood to the wings, symbolizing them being torn off. Although this model is 90% done I still have markings left to …

Iron Warrior Terminator Squad 4

Iron Warriors Terminator Squad 4 Complete

So as I continue to balance between completing old units and finishing new ones (see the Mentor Legion guys I just finished) I have put the finishing touches on my 4th Iron Warriors Terminator squad (WIP shots here). There wasn’t much left to finish on this squad. I finished the base using my new style and painted on the XIV to mark them as part of the 14th Grand Company. Standard bolter and power ax with the obligatory Space Marine helmet. Heavy flamer and power fist with the cool helmet from the Sorcerer Lord kit. Chainfist time and a trophy rack with my Brother-in-law’s Hive Fleet Behemoth head on display. Combi-flamer and another power ax. This is by far the coolest chainfist, fitting I also give him the combi-meltagun.One more squad off the painting table and marked green in the status page! Next up is the rhinos…

More IW Terminators Finished – Golden Throne Painting and ToEMP Final

Well I was happy to continue plodding along my with my Traitor Guard army (I have a handful of guys to add and half a dozen tanks to paint) but when I happened to stop by my local GW I was told about the Golden Throne painting challenge. Basically you get 6 weeks to fully paint a full force org chart. Although I do have plenty of guard to paint the was no way I could fill up a force org without buying a great deal of new guys. Instead I pulled out my old, metal Iron Warriors (the ones I painted many years back). I had already dunked a handful of them and after adding in the ones I was planning on adding to the green tank I am short only one bike of a full chart! It wouldn’t be a very competitive list (not sure the survivability of 3 man terminators and 5 man troop squads), but it fits the bill. The first selection filled, my Elites with three 3 man squads. Squad …

Dreadnought pictures are here as well

This dreadnought was originally from the Assault on Black Reach box set from GW but with some modifications. The most obvious is the head. I cut out the front plate and modified one of the masks from the Defilier kit. The wires hanging below are an assortment of guitar strings and small gauge wire. The another modification made is the added trim and stars. This was made with thin plasti-card strips cut to length and glued down.