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Iron Warriors Terminator Squad 4 Complete

Iron Warrior Terminator Squad 4

So as I continue to balance between completing old units and finishing new ones (see the Mentor Legion guys I just finished) I have put the finishing touches on my 4th Iron Warriors Terminator squad (WIP shots here).

Iron Warrior Terminator Squad 4

There wasn’t much left to finish on this squad. I finished the base using my new style and painted on the XIV to mark them as part of the 14th Grand Company.

Standard bolter and power ax with the obligatory Space Marine helmet.

Iron Warriors Terminator 1

Heavy flamer and power fist with the cool helmet from the Sorcerer Lord kit.Iron Warriors Terminator 2

Chainfist time and a trophy rack with my Brother-in-law’s Hive Fleet Behemoth head on display.Iron Warriors Terminator 3

Combi-flamer and another power ax.Iron Warriors Terminator 4

This is by far the coolest chainfist, fitting I also give him the combi-meltagun.Iron Warriors Terminator 5One more squad off the painting table and marked green in the status page! Next up is the rhinos…