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Dark Elf Masters

Dark Elf MasterMay I now introduce you to my Dark Elf army. When I first got back into the hobby a few years back the Dark Elves were the army I started back up with since they had just been re-released. I choose to post the pictures of my Masters/Dreadlords first because it shows the improvement in my painting most distinctly. The new dreadlord model was one of the last I painted before moving back over to 40k where as the old dreadlord model was one of the first I painted when getting back into the army.

Dark Elf Master

After taking the pictures I realized the base was never finished, he is now moved to the painting desk to remedy this. The weapon arm was swapped with the sword from the Cold One Knights set as I didn’t like the pose of the model with the hook weapon, I’m saving that for something else. I would often army this character with the Heart Seeker sword which is why I attempted to paint the sword with the red tone, not the greatest but it gets the job done.

Dark Elf Master

This is the old OOP model showing off the classic GW cartoonish sculpting. I think the most obvious change in painting skill is shown in the face of the two models. I still have a long way to go to paint great looking skin, but I’ve come a long way from Elf Flesh and Flesh Ink.