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Dark Elf Reaper Bolt Thrower

Ahh… the dreaded Reaper Bolt Thrower. Not much to be said about it other than this is another paint job from the beginning of the army but other than the metal areas I think it looks pretty good and looks great for a table-top piece. I had created a larger base for the unit but in never got passed to the primed black stage, perhaps when I finish it I will repost with the unit on the base.

Dark Elf Chariot

Dark Elf Chariot

. Next up in my Dark Elf Army postings is the neat, but ineffective Cold One Chariot. This was also one of the first I painted when getting back into the hobby so forgive the not-so-great painting 🙂 As much as the temptation is to go back and repaint the model, it is good enough to sit on the table and I would rather focus on the units I have yet to paint. In some ways I am glad they didn’t redo the chariot with the new cold ones. As cool as the new dinos look for the knights, I like the look of the bulkier beasts for the chariot. Though it they redid the whole model in plastic I would probably buy another, though this model hasn’t found it into many of my army lists in 7th edition, and may even less in 8th. Any one have success using chariots in 8th edition? On the plus side they can no longer be auto-killed with S7+ hits but being single model units they would have …

Dark Elf Master

Dark Elf Masters

May I now introduce you to my Dark Elf army. When I first got back into the hobby a few years back the Dark Elves were the army I started back up with since they had just been re-released. I choose to post the pictures of my Masters/Dreadlords first because it shows the improvement in my painting most distinctly. The new dreadlord model was one of the last I painted before moving back over to 40k where as the old dreadlord model was one of the first I painted when getting back into the army. After taking the pictures I realized the base was never finished, he is now moved to the painting desk to remedy this. The weapon arm was swapped with the sword from the Cold One Knights set as I didn’t like the pose of the model with the hook weapon, I’m saving that for something else. I would often army this character with the Heart Seeker sword which is why I attempted to paint the sword with the red tone, not the …