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Dark Elf Chariot

Dark Elf Chariot


Next up in my Dark Elf Army postings is the neat, but ineffective Cold One Chariot. This was also one of the first I painted when getting back into the hobby so forgive the not-so-great painting 🙂 As much as the temptation is to go back and repaint the model, it is good enough to sit on the table and I would rather focus on the units I have yet to paint.

In some ways I am glad they didn’t redo the chariot with the new cold ones. As cool as the new dinos look for the knights, I like the look of the bulkier beasts for the chariot. Though it they redid the whole model in plastic I would probably buy another, though this model hasn’t found it into many of my army lists in 7th edition, and may even less in 8th.

Dark Elf Chariot - Front Left SideDark Elf Chariot - Front SideDark Elf Chariot - Left SideAny one have success using chariots in 8th edition? On the plus side they can no longer be auto-killed with S7+ hits but being single model units they would have a tough time against those giant hordes and their ridiculous attacks and combat res.