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Mentor Legion Tactical Squad Finished – Part 6

Back to my Mentor Legion Tactical Squad that I’m working on as a test pilot program for some loyalists.

Mentor Legion Squad FinishedI was finally able to finish the last few details of the squad, including the base and matte varnish. I’m still playing around with some various backgrounds and picked up a pack of card stock of a couple shades of tan and gray. For this shot I used the dark gray card as the tans turned out too yellow and light. The only thing I don’t like about using the card stock is the lines, oh well. On to the individual shots:

The Captain pointing away with his yellow power sword and Mk. VII Armor.

Mentor Legion Sargent - Finished


The sensor guy with his grenade. I like how the numeral 3 came out on his shoulder pad.Mentor Legion Trooper #1


Standard bolter marine but with an added scope.Mentor Legion Trooper #2


Meltagun, note the extra targeting lenses, I always have issues hitting with meltaguns, so I figured it could only help right?Mentor Legion Trooper #3 with Meltagun


And the missile launcher. I added a bit of script to the tube to help it keep on track as well.Mentor Legion Trooper #4 with Missile LauncherWith these guys finished I think I am going to take a break from the Mentor Legion for now, the thought of painting up a battle force + ABR of these guys just tires me out! I have some Iron Warriors to finish up any way that have been patently awaiting the brush… stay tuned for those terminators and rhinos that have been sitting on my desk!

Thoughts, ideas or criticism? Let me know!