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Mentor Legion Squad WIP – Part 5

Mentor Legion Squad WIP - Shoulder Details

Well I wasn’t able to finish the squad over the weekend, but I made some good progress. Until now I had been debating on how the Mentor Legion would show company/squad markings. They are a codex chapter but having different colored shoulder bands wouldn’t fit their look. I couldn’t find any thing scouring the interwebs so I decided on knee pads for the company color and Gothic numbering for the squad. This squad has been placed in the 2nd Company, 3rd Tactical Squad.

Mentor Legion Shoulder Pad 1

This guy was my first attempt at free handing the tactical arrow and it turned out terrible! So I opted for the half-cheating approach. I used the transfers from the kit for the inner white arrow and repainted the red edging and then repainted the white inner area. I used the transfers on the other tactical arrows as well with an over-paint to cover the decal.

Mentor Legion Shoulder Pad 2

I tried using the same technique for the Gothic number 3 but the decal was way too big for the curved surface and kept bulging. After trying to cut it apart and restitch it I gave up and decided to try the free hand approach. Overall I think they turned out pretty good.

Mentor Legion Squad WIP 5 - With Guns

I also did some work on the two missing guns which I painted separately and are now resting in their rightful holders. I am now down to finishing the metal areas, a little armor damage and the bases.  Stay tuned!