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Mentor Legion Squad WIP – Part 4

Mentor Legion Squad WIP  - Whites Done

Well I was finally able to get all the white done on this small squad. I think the last two guys got a little rushed in my anxiousness to get them done, but overall they seem to match up pretty well. Now with the white done there is little left to do other than details: the aquilas, purity seals, squad markings, and the bases. Hopefully I can get these done over the weekend.

I also tried a couple different background for the photo shoot as white models on a white background don’t work all that well. For both of these shots I grabbed a nearby t-shirt and crumpled it up as the backdrop.

Tan backdrop:

Mentor Legion WIP on a Tan Background

Dark brown backdrop:

Mentor Legion Squad on a Dark Background

What do you guys think about the different backgrounds? I am also going to try out a dark, textured paper somewhat like what Massive Voodoo uses.