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The Fallen, adding a Medic, support (Part 2)


Finished two more Fallen Angels for Cypher’s retinue. As I wanted to treat Cypher as a Space Marine Captain (or is he really the Primarch!?!) I built the retinue as a command squad including a medic. I figured that even Fallen Angels need to preserve their gene seed to continue the fight.Fallen Angel 2 - The Medic - FrontFallen Angel 2 - The Medic - BackAnd the third Fallen:
Fallen Angel 3 - Front

Something about robed marines is rather fun to paint and quite dramatic.Fallen Angel 3 - Side

And the first three together.Fallen Angels - First 3 Finished ModelsEven though I’m painting each one at a time, I’ve written down the paint colors for each step so each model stays consistent even when I leave the lid off my wet pallet and it all dries up.