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Company Command Squad Painted ToEMP Challenge Met

I have just finished my Company Command Squad for my Traitor Guard and in doing so met the first Tale of Even More Painters challenge. I know Admiral Drax (and his troops with hand painted Aquilas) beat us all done, but I think I may have just finished second.

Company Command Sqaud front

Equipped with power weapon, bolt pistol, metla bomb, krak grenades, plasma gun (I love plasma…), medic, regimental standard, vox. Total Points: 137

There was little conversion done on this squad, just a bit of kit bashing and work with the knife/file. The regimental banner already had a sculpted on Chaos star (well perhaps it is some silly loyalist symbol…) and the medic looked crazy enough with just the needle and chain knife (a bit of a Fabius Bile flashback).

Company Command Sqaud back

Yes my company commander is Inquisitor model, I liked the model so much I decided he would make a perfect leader for my army, even if it is a bit ironic. I filed off the Inquisitor icons and filled in the icon on top of the head. I may go back at some point and paint a Chaos star on his chest, but for now he is considered done.

Traitor Guard Company Commander

Points Earned:

  • Foot Sloggers x5 = 5 pnts
  • Icons/ Symbols/ Marks (the banner counts?) = 1 pnt
  • Eyes/ Lenses/ View Finders (commanders eye lens) = 1 pnt
  • Beating Deadline by at least 24 hours = 2 pnts
  • Meeting Deadline: 2 pnts

Total Painting Points: 11

I have to spend some time figuring out what is up next to paint. Options are: 2 heavy sentinels, 2 scout sentinels, missile launcher squad or a mortar squad. I haven’t tallied up the points I have painted, but I think I’m getting close to the 1k I need for the painting competition at my local GW. Because of time constraints (I’m out of town all of next week for work) I may start with the heavy sentinels to add some more character to the army. I am going to paint them like Dezartfox’s World Eater Rhinos over on the Vanus Temple. After painting so many tanks for my Iron Warriors, I want to try out a “painted” tank (aka not another silver one) and although I’m trying to stay away from the blood pact theme, bloody walkers could look so intimidating!