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How to Paint Joe Diamond from Mansions of Madness

Painting Joe Diamond a Mansions of Madness Tutorial

Mansions of Madness provides a great mix characters to investigate the mysteries. Some are the intellectuals to solve riddles, and others are like Joe Diamond. A classic Noir PI, he has his duster flapping and pistols ready. Unlike Noir, I wanted Joe to have some color – makes the game more fun in a way. So a red duster, yellow tie, and bright white hat and shirt fit the bill. All the paints used were from the Vallejo range. You can grab all the colors with either the Game Color Set or the Skintones Set. Shirt, Shoes, Hat Game Color Wolf Grey Game Color Sombre Grey Game Color Dead White Jacket, Pants Game Color Charred Brown Game Color Beastly Brown Duster Model Color Scarlett Red Game Color Tan Game Color Khaki Game Color Red Wash Tie, Hatband Game Color Gold Yellow Game Color Sun Yellow Skin Model Color Mahogany Brown Game Color Parasite Brown Game Color Brown Rose Model Color Dark Brown Wash Base Coats The first step was to paint all the base colors throughout …

Harvey Walters from Mansions of Madness

Painting Harvey Walters of Mansions of Madness

What is an old man doing running around a creepy old mansion? Don’t underestimate the Prof! This week brings a tutorial on painting Harvey Walters, an investigator in the Mansions of Madness game. Harvey’s use in the game is to solve puzzles and has a relatively high sanity – ideal for when the monsters start to show up. He offsets his frailty with a magic staff that allows him to reduce any damage down to one, yup even a Shaggoth can’t swallow the old man whole. Painting wise, I wanted to give Professor Walters a classic suite, but with a hit of color. A white shirt, royal purple vest, and a black jacket it is. And to set off the vest, a bright yellow hanky. Color List As with the rest of the set, I’ve stuck to mostly the Vallejo range as I like their dropper bottles. All the Model Colors used are from the Painting Skin Set. Skintones: Model Color Light Brown Model Color Medium Fleshtone Model Color Basic Skintone Model Color Light Flesh …