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Painting the Ork Warboss

For my recently posted Ork Warboss, I took a few in progress shots to provide some how-to content. I hope this post on painting a Death Skull Warboss helps get your Wagghh! going.

Painting the Death Skull Warboss Tutorial and Painting Guide

Step 1 – White Base Coat

First up is a nice, white base coat. White is nice for creating those bright blues and gory reds. The problem with a full white undercoat is that you need to paint EVERY thing, otherwise it is very stark and apparent, black base coats are able to hide this by making ‘shadows’

Deff Skulls Ork Warboss WIP

Step 2 – Green Skin

Next up is painting the various base coats such as the Warboss Green for the skin. All the colors are kept fairly bright at this point to allow for shades that will darken the look.

Deff Skulls Ork Warboss WIP

Step 3 – Blue Base Coat

The blues were also blocked in with Alaitoc Blue, it doesn’t need to be tidy as the shades and highlights will clean up the mess.

Deff Skulls Ork Warboss WIP

Step 4-10: More Base Coats and Wash

This is where I must apologize, I skipped a few steps between layers. The reds were done with Mephiston Red, brown was down with Mournfang Brown and the silvers with Runefang Steel. Finally, the model was washed with the first brown wash.

Deff Skulls Ork Warboss WIP

Step 11 – Rust and Skin Highlights

After a few more washes I then used a rust pigment on the metal areas. The rust pigment was mixed with medium and dabbed on, after it all dried, it was sprayed with a clear coat to keep it in place. Also, the green was highlighted back up to Skarsnick Green before a green wash brought it back together.

Painting the Death Skulls Warboss Rust Layer

Step 12 – High Lights and Gore

The blues were edge highlighted with Lothren Blue. The metals re-highlighted. The blood was done using Clear Red, first with black washed added to make it dark, and then blob in with bright, clear red. The lips and veins were washed with flesh tone and re-highlighted.Death Skulls Ork Warboss from Assault on Black Reach

Step 13 – Base

The final step was to finish up the base with Balor Brown followed up with a Zandri Dust drybrush. The putrid green water was done with moot green followed up with clear coats and brown washes. Hope this helps you paint your own WAAGHH!

Again, check out the finished model here.