40k, Orks
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Ork Deffdread

Adding some beef to my ork hoard is a nice, choppy, Deffdread with lots of buzzing, hacking, and drilling. I love the comical look of all those arms full of wacky weapons and hacked on plates.Deffskullz Ork Deffdread

I’m keeping with the theme of the Death Skulls being scrapers that slap blue on everything and hammer it together. Throughout the model I have Evil Sunz red, and Goff black and whites.Deffskullz Ork Deffdread

Painting Rusty Metal

The rest of the model is a nice rusty metal which was done in a number of layers:

  1. Black primer with a quick white over spray
  2. Brown spray
  3. Dry brush of Lead Belcher
  4. Orange with rust pigment stippled
  5. Dry brush with silver

Deffskullz Ork Deffdread

The crazy, cobbled together look of the Deffdread made it so much fun to paint and highlight specific panels with the blues and reds.Deffskullz Ork Deffdread

The base is another Secret Weapon Miniature from their Junk Yard line. They have a fantastic range of bases, and I have decided to move towards pre-made bases for the simplicity and time. I get so little hobby time nowadays that I would rather slap paint on the next model rather than build a base.Deffskullz Ork DeffdreadEven though most of the model is metal, I attempted to add different textures by varying the amount of rust and bright silver.
Deffskullz Ork Deffdread
Obviously the skull plate was painted blue, but all those big teef were made to stand out with bright reds and sharp whites.

Deffskullz Ork Deffdread

Stompy here is only the first of a growing Dread mob both on my desk and in my own Mek dreams!