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Death Skull Warboss

To lead my growing Ork hoard, it needed a good Warboss to knock some heads around. Enter the Death Skull Warboss from Assault on Black Reach, which is very suitable for a head-crunchin’.

Deff Skulls Ork Warboss

With a simple adjustment to the right arm, I tipped it out a bit and opened up the model. The gap was filled with green stuff, and I added an extra shoulder guard from the Nobz kit.

Deff Skulls Ork Warboss

I figured the power klaw should be suitably messy and covered in gore. The rest of the metal is suitably rusted up and worn out.Deff Skulls Ork Warboss

I also added a nasty looking trophy head and slightly tilted the head towards the Klaw. The missing neck was also filled in with some green stuff and smoothed into place.Deff Skulls Ork Warboss

The blues add a nice contrast to the green skin and the bloody red.Deff Skulls Ork Warboss

Want to paint an Ork just like him? I’ve got you covered with a painting tutorial! The tutorial has the step-by-steps I used for this guy, including the skin and bloody mess.
Deff Skulls Ork Warboss

He has so many little details it was a blast to paint up. And the Death Skulls Warboss completes the models from AoBR. You can see the Deffkopters here, and the Boyz here, though I’ve gone to a much lighter skin tone now.