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Good Reads 50 with Hobby Blogs to Read

Good Reads 50 with painting tutorials, Battlefleet Gothic, and Orruks

Another week of Good Reads hobby posts for you to check out and enjoy. With painting tutorials and inspiration for your hobby needs. Check out these posts from fellow hobby bloggers and check out their sites. Remembering Battle Fleet Gothic I never got into Battle Fleet Gothic but it looked like a fun game, and with the growth of other ship based games I wouldn’t be surprised if Games Workshop brings it back. Caladaris dived into his collection and shared what made this game so fun. On Commenting You may have heard me talking about the importance of community before as it is a big reason why I do this blog. Morpheus on The Fantasy Hammer shares his thoughts on commenting and why it can be so important in our hobby. Using Lots of Washes I have been getting more into washes and glazes as they can not only be super fast to get a good look but add nice variation and color to parts of your model. Da RednekkBoss talks about the goodness of washes as …

Watch This Painting with Washes with Greg

Watch This: Painting With Washes

Today’s Watch This is from Greggle’s on Feed Your Nerd where he shows us how to batch paint Orks with nothing but washes. That’s right, everything except the metal details is painting with applications of wash layered over a shaded base coat. Watch This: Painting with Washes One of the things I like about Greg’s video is that he shows the technique on one Ork, but then cut-tapes ahead to show the whole batch finished. This makes for a nice way to learn the technique, but not watch paint dry. If you haven’t checked out Greg’s fantastic Orks, do so at The Steps: For those that didn’t watch the full video, or want a quick text steps of how he did it, I’ve put them down below. Note, I updated a few of the colors to the modern GW washes. Prime models white (bonus: prime dark gray first then white from above) Wash the whole model with Agrax Earthshade Wash skin with Beil-Tan Green For larger Orks apply second (or third) layer of Beil-Tan Casandora Yellow for the …