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Good Reads 2016 – Humor and Stories

Be it the Grim Dark Future or the Chaotic Realms of Age of Sigmar, they all need a bit of extra humor dashed in there to tone down the madness right? Or perhaps it’s a great short story that adds a bit of depth to a new force.

40k Humor and Short Stories

These are my collection of Good Reads 2016 Humor and Story Articles pulled from my bi-weekly Good Reads post, emailed in links that I missed, and a few posts of my own. Click through and check them out, bookmark it for later, and don’t miss the other Good Reads 2016 Collections:

Surviving a Death World

Captain Catachan from Games Workshop

Captain Catachan from Games Workshop

Games Workshop is coming out in a big way on social media and non-standard marketing such as The Regimental Standard. Adding some fluff around the Catachan’s fighting style, a Captain helps a new set of recruits with the rules of the jungle. Actually, I could post up nearly every one of their posts!

Thoughts Hobby Blogging

Random Hobby Picture by Corrm

Random Hobby Picture by Corrm

If you are reading this, clearly you are interested in blogs about our hobby. Also interested in how and why to blog about it? Corrm at St. Andrews Wargaming put together an epic post on his thoughts about hobby blogging.

Origin of the Deathwatch

Original Brother Artemis Mini from Games Workshop

Original Brother Artemis Mini from Games Workshop

Having been involved with Games Workshop for many years, Gav Thorpe recently shared his story on the genesis of Deathwatch and why Space Marines were included in the Inquisitor 54mm scale range.

Keeping a Reader’s Attention

Guest post by Thor on how to keep the attention of your readers

Thor knows a ton about blogging, so when he guest posts with helpful tips on how to keep your readers engaged so that they finish reading your epic post, be sure to take some notes and try a few of his suggestions – they are super easy and make a big difference.

When Weathering Goes Bad

Shamelessly Stolen from Gothmog

Shamelessly Stolen from Gothmog

Bringing some perspective to the weathering rage, Gothmog shares his thoughts on weathering vehicles from his actual experience in service. It’s a good read even if you like making your tanks super rusted but could be a reality check for some of us.

Deleted Scenes of Burning of Prospero

Burning of Prospero Humor

Cut Scenes by Honda

To mix in some humor, Honda took the pictures from Forge World’s Burning of Prospero table and added his own deleted scenes commentary. Adds a new spin to the wonderful models on display and if I ever get the chance to see it in person I think I’ll have Dust in the Wind playing through my head too!

Thoughts on Oldhammer

There is a certain charm to thinking about the glorious days of lead-tin models, cardboard cities, and 80s music. Sean wrote about his thoughts on Oldhammer and why he loves the community built around this sub-niche. They even have an annual event to celebrate and game together!

Primarch Humor

Primach Color Humor

Make it So! Image Used without permission but humor by Nick of The Burning Eye

Every wonder about the color choices of the Legions? Nick thinks about what the poor Tech Adept would respond to each Primarch’s selection. Throw in a perfect pairing of Picard memes and prepare for some chuckles.

The Flayed Ones

Flayed Ones by D Powers

You may know D Powers by the incredible conversions, but you don’t want to miss these two short stories as well. The first is about a marine’s madness before the onslaught of Flayed Ones and the second is an incredible (and dark) story of knights battling.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed a look back at some of the AMAZING things your fellow hobbyists have done and shared through their blogs. Make sure you visit as many as you can and leave them a comment with your thoughts and encouragement.

And don’t forget the other Good Reads 2016 Collections: