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40k Humor and Short Stories

Good Reads 2016 – Humor and Stories

Be it the Grim Dark Future or the Chaotic Realms of Age of Sigmar, they all need a bit of extra humor dashed in there to tone down the madness right? Or perhaps it’s a great short story that adds a bit of depth to a new force. These are my collection of Good Reads 2016 Humor and Story Articles pulled from my bi-weekly Good Reads post, emailed in links that I missed, and a few posts of my own. Click through and check them out, bookmark it for later, and don’t miss the other Good Reads 2016 Collections: Good Reads 2016 Main Page Good Reads 2016 Building Articles Good Reads 2016 Painting Articles Good Reads 2016 Inspirational Articles Good Reads 2016 Gaming Articles Surviving a Death World Games Workshop is coming out in a big way on social media and non-standard marketing such as The Regimental Standard. Adding some fluff around the Catachan’s fighting style, a Captain helps a new set of recruits with the rules of the jungle. Actually, I could post up nearly every one of …

Good Reads 42 by Broken Paintbrush

Good Reads 42 – Hobby Posts You Need to Read

A whole crate load of awesome posts from some of the amazing hobby bloggers out there, this week’s Good Reads 42 brings you some articles that you just don’t want to miss! Remember to support you fellow hobby-blogger and check out there work. Also, remember to check out the brand new Blogroll to keep up to date on the latests posts and find new blogs to read – you can even add your blog to the list as well! A Vengeful Gun At some point I need to get more terrain built and painted as I figure it will make easier to start playing again. Here Siph shows off a nicely done Vengeance Weapon platform with a neat trick to switch it from battle cannon to the Punisher Cannon. DIY Candles for Scenery In the gothic world of 40k or craziness of AoS, candles add a nice touch. Nazroth put together a nice tutorial on how he adds tiny candles to his bases – with and without flames. Other than trying to drill a teeny …