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Good Reads 42 – Hobby Posts You Need to Read

A whole crate load of awesome posts from some of the amazing hobby bloggers out there, this week’s Good Reads 42 brings you some articles that you just don’t want to miss!

Good Reads 42 by Broken Paintbrush

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A Vengeful Gun

Vengeance Weapon Battery

A Big Gun painted by Siph of Weemen

At some point I need to get more terrain built and painted as I figure it will make easier to start playing again. Here Siph shows off a nicely done Vengeance Weapon platform with a neat trick to switch it from battle cannon to the Punisher Cannon.

DIY Candles for Scenery

Custom Candles for Basing

Candles by Nazroth of Scar Hand Painting

In the gothic world of 40k or craziness of AoS, candles add a nice touch. Nazroth put together a nice tutorial on how he adds tiny candles to his bases – with and without flames. Other than trying to drill a teeny hole in a toothpick, they look super simple to do.

Orruk Ironjawz Brutes

Orruk Irnjawz Brutes in Orange Armor

Orruk Brutes by Amy on Tale of Painters

Not going to lie, I like orks, orcs, and orruks. I also like how Amy paints her Orruks in orange armor, and this squad of brutes is no exception. The orange is bright enough to be interesting without being in your face.

Primarch Humor

Primach Color Humor

Make it So! Image Used without permission but humor by Nick of The Burning Eye

Every wonder about the color choices of the Legions? Nick thinks about what the poor Tech Adept would respond to each Primarch’s selection. Throw in a perfect pairing of Picard memes and prepare for some chuckles.

Alas that is a Nice Figure

Alas Bust

‘Alas’ by Will on Miniatures of Tomorrow

Now that Will is done painting dick monsters, he switched his attention to painting this beautiful sculpt, ‘Alas’ for his wife. You can check out his Tumblr for some of his incredible step-by-step progress as well.

A Blood Pack Too Far

Blood Pact Bio Tank Conversion

Blood Pact Bio Tank by Big Boss Red Skulls

Big Boss Red Skulls has been on a building crazy between INQ28 models, Silver Tower conversions, and now this Blood Pack bio tank monster! Some amazingly creative conversions in there.

Grand Master D Powers

Converted Grand Master Gabriel in Blanche style

Gabriel by D Powers for Marc

Not long ago the talented D Powers started doing commission work and Marc jumped right in with a request for Grand Master Gabriel for his Dark Angels. Let’s just say D didn’t disappoint! Staying true to the Blanch-ian style, this is an incredible conversion.

End of Year Wrap Up

This is the last normal Good Reads of 2016, amazing huh? As I’ve been working on my end-of-year review, I thought about all the Good Reads and amazing posts everyone has accomplished for this year.

So next week, look forward to a massive Good Reads 2016 Edition!

And even more Good Reads to come in 2017.