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40k Humor and Short Stories

Good Reads 2016 – Humor and Stories

Be it the Grim Dark Future or the Chaotic Realms of Age of Sigmar, they all need a bit of extra humor dashed in there to tone down the madness right? Or perhaps it’s a great short story that adds a bit of depth to a new force. These are my collection of Good Reads 2016 Humor and Story Articles pulled from my bi-weekly Good Reads post, emailed in links that I missed, and a few posts of my own. Click through and check them out, bookmark it for later, and don’t miss the other Good Reads 2016 Collections: Good Reads 2016 Main Page Good Reads 2016 Building Articles Good Reads 2016 Painting Articles Good Reads 2016 Inspirational Articles Good Reads 2016 Gaming Articles Surviving a Death World Games Workshop is coming out in a big way on social media and non-standard marketing such as The Regimental Standard. Adding some fluff around the Catachan’s fighting style, a Captain helps a new set of recruits with the rules of the jungle. Actually, I could post up nearly every one of …

Mentor Legion Ironclad Dreadnought

The Interment of Brother Gud Kaninkarr – A Dreadnought Short Story

With all this awesome Dreadtober action going on I couldn’t help but get caught up in the spirit. With all my paints and models packed away I decided to get involved another way, by writing a short story of newly fallen brother being interred into a Dreadnought. I based the dreadnought short story off of my own Mentor Legion Dreadnought and Command Squad and have been inspired by many of the other hobbyists who write bios for their Inq28 characters. As this is my first ever public short story I really hope for some feedback and if you like it, I have a few more story ideas floating through my head. The thick, acrid smoke clung to the walls like bloated slugs. Brother Tons re-adjusted his optical augurs to compensate, the lenses straining to focus on the intricate work. The flickering candles were drowned out by the surgical light but still managed to create an irritating motion in the peripheral. As the next binaric chant began, his gloved hands paused briefly before the autosenses re-calibrated to block out the frequencies. Reflexes honed …