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Good Reads 2016 – Painting Articles

It’s no secret that I love painting miniatures and love tutorials, so it should be no surprise that I have so many Good Reads in the painting category! Some of the tutorials are great for beginners getting started, others will find some awesome tips from expert painters.

Best Painting Articles of 2016

These are my collection of Good Reads 2016 Painting Articles pulled from my bi-weekly Good Reads post, emailed in links that I missed, and a few posts of my own. Click through and check them out, bookmark it for later, and don’t miss the other Good Reads 2016 Collections:

Painting Bases

Base by Wilhem

Base by Wilhem

Wilhel is back this week with a great step-by-step on how he paints his bases. They are a great mix of jungle, marble tile, and 40k morbid gothic. And he makes it look so simple too! If you want to see the monster he put on this beautiful base, check out his Tyranid mutant as well.

Creating Realistic Yew Trees

Yew Trees by Dagger and Brush

Yew Trees by Dagger and Brush

I recently stumbled across the Dagger and Brush but I’m already a fan of their work. Just as an example is this week’s tutorial (and epic read on Yew forests) is how to build and paint a yew tree. While the hyper-realistic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, you have to admit he does some amazing work to make the scene above look like a movie shot.

Painting Yellow and White

Models painted by Dave G.

Models painted by Dave G.

Ask a hobbyist what the hardest two colors are to paint and you can bet they will be: yellow and white. Dave G dives right into these colors with a fantastic tutorial on not only painting these hard colors, but also some great painting tips as well.

Another Mansions of Madness Painter

C'thonian by Scott Ferguson

C’thonian by Scott Ferguson

I’m still slogging through my miniatures from the Mansions of Madness game and it’s been great to watch Scott as he does a set as well. I’ve definitely stolen some ideas for the pieces I haven’t yet finished.

Removing the Shine from Decals

Emperor's Children by Judging Jester

Emperor’s Children by Judging Jester

Decals are hard enough to set in place to where you need them to, let alone make them look like they fit into the rest of the model.  Judging Jester put together his thoughts on Army Painter’s Anti-shine medium to get his decals to look amazing.

Painting Light and Dark Skin

Painting Black Faces

To help improve my own ability to paint faces and put together a set of tutorials, I painted up four faces with four different styles and color variations. You can check out the Dark Skin Tutorial as shown above or the Light Skin Tutorial as well.

Painting the Realm Gates

Realm Gates Tutorial

Realm Gates by Tyler M.

The Realm Gates are an iconic part of the new Age of Sigmar and some great looking scenery pieces to fight over. Tyler M. of Mengel Miniatures put together a great tutorial on how he painted his up. It is fairly quick but looks great.

Using the Gemstone Paints

Painting Gems by Scott Ferguson

Painting Gems by Scott Ferguson

The new Gemstone Paints from Games Workshop are a nice addition to make painting all those gems and soul stones much easier. While their “just paint this over silver” approach look OK, Scott shows that combining the new paints with a few pre-shaded layers, the finished gem looks fantastic.

Fixing Grainy Primer

Fuzzy Primed Butts by Thor

Fuzzy Primed Butts by Thor

Getting a good layer of primer on your model is an often overlooked step in painting, but provides the critical canvas for your paints to adhere to. If your primer spray ended up being a texture spray from being too cold, too far away, or the moon being in the wrong alignment, check out Thor’s great tip on fixing this annoying problem.

Painting Desert Bases

painting a desert base

Desert Base by Nagroth

So I’ve got a new blog to feature here (well at least for me). Nazroth from Scar Hand Painting put together a great tutorial on painting simple, but great looking desert bases. Bases are something that I haven’t done a whole lot with so its great to see when others put together tutorials on them.

Painting Non-Metalic Metals

Stormcast with NMM

Stormcast by Darren Latham

OK so this one is a few weeks old, but I wanted to add it in here. Painting master Darren Latham wrote up how he does non-metallic metals (NMM) including looking where lighting would come from and some amazingly painted miniatures.

Blood and Acid Tutorial

Broodlord by FantasyHammer

Broodlord by FantasyHammer

I shared The Fantasy Hammer’s Broodlord last time, but he returns with a great tutorial on adding gore and slime to your models. He makes it seem so easy, but with the right tools it probably is.

Concrete Walls

Painting Concrete Walls

Concrete Walls by Scar Hand Painting

Line of sight blocking terrain is important for any gaming system and concrete walls are the simplest ways to do this. Scar Hand Painting wrote up a tutorial on how he painted the Micro Art Studio wall set. Fairly simple, but very striking.

Mindset of Painting

Guest Author D Powers on the Mindset of Painting

As a guest author, D Powers goes into how each person needs to develop their own style and accept that there are difference between Norman Rockwells and Blachian painters – and that’s ok.

Painting Word Bearers

How to Paint Word Bearers by Death of a Rubrist

Word Bearer by Apologist

Apologist from Death of a Rubrist does incredible work, the latest is creating a multipart painting guide for Word Bearers. Some incredible tips from this amazing artist.

Getting Muddy

How to Make Muddy Bases

Mud Bases by James Wappel

I’m not the only one making muddy bases this week as James Wappel shows how he makes realistic mud bases using MIG powders. It’s great to see the different colors and approach he takes to hint at mud and splatter, without going overboard.

Painting a Golden Deamon Winner

Dark Eldar Wych Dual

Wych Receiving the bad end of a blow by Kirsten

In part II of the series, Rory shares Kirsten’s thoughts and steps on painting theWych half of her dual. It’s awesome to see why she chose certain colors. Awesome tip from her post: use a soft, 4B pencil for marking freehand. You can also skip to part III where she paints up the Seraphim.

Marines and Paint Set

Marines by Zab

Marines by Zab

Want a hobby challenge, one that limits what you can use? Zab did that with painting up the Marine starter paint set. Only the 8 basic colors and press-fit marines. But they look awesome. He has a couple of WIP posts on it too that show his thoughts on color usage.

Painting Space Marines

How to Paint Space Marines

Painting Space Marines by Garfy

The team at Tale of Painters is constantly putting out good looking models, and Garfy has been featured a few times in White Dwarf. Over the years he has put together a ton of tutorials as well, and now all his Space Marine painting guides are gathered in one place. It’s cool to see the colors and styles all together.

Quick and Easy Urban Bases

Easy Urban Bases Painting Tutorial

Bases by Mr. Pink

It’s easy to forget about the model’s base, but it can make a huge difference it the model’s composition. To get a set of Sector Imperialis bases down quickly, Mr. Pink gives tips on using simple drybrush and washes. There is even a part two that adds in masking fluid and rust effects.

Painting Blue Ad-Mech

Guest Post by Ben on Painting Blue Adeptus Mechanicus

As another guest author, Ben from Moose Studios gives us his step-by-step tutorial on painting Blue Skatarii and AdMech models. I like the blue on them as it gives a cool, calculated look to them.

How To: Chipped Paint

How to Paint Chipped Paint

Tutorial by Scott on The Brush Wizard.

Adding chipped paint to a model is one of the basic ways of adding weathering. It can be as hard as you make it to be, but Scott shows a few steps to take to make them really pop. With only a few extra colors, you can give your models some extra character.

Masters of the Sword

How to Paint High Elf Sea Guard

Sea Guard by Volomir

I haven’t seen many step-by-step tutorials for High Elves or airbrushing foot troopers, so Volomir’s tutorial on painting the Sea Guard was incredible to look through. And these are only the core troops!

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed a look back at some of the AMAZING things your fellow hobbyists have done and shared through their blogs. Make sure you visit as many as you can and leave them a comment with your thoughts and encouragement.

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