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Good Reads 2016 Some of My Favorite Posts of the Year

This week’s Good Reads is going to be epic. Rather than just adding in the last few week’s worth of posts, I have gone over all my previous Good Reads, articles sent me by others, and even a few of my own thrown in to bring you some of my favorite articles from 2016. So I bring you: Good Reads 2016 Edition!

Good Reads 2016

Before we get to far along, if I missed your posts or a blog altogether, please forgive me. There are so many amazing articles published every day that I can only see so many! So if you think I made a mistake in skipping an article, submit it to the comments below, send me an email: or hit me up on social media!

I’m not kidding about this: have zero shame in sending me your links!

I had originally set this up to be one massive article featuring all the posts, but quickly realized it would not only be too long to read, but was becoming painful to edit! So instead I broke it up into five categories, each with their own post.

Build Articles

From tips on scratch building models to amazing sculpting work, the Build Article Collection focuses on the first steps of the model. Some are tutorials for actually building parts of the model, others are WIP posts showing their conversions.

Best Articles for Building Miniatures

Painting Articles

With each of these being a tutorial or step-by-step series of pictures, this is a fantastic resource for beginners and expert painters alike. With tips on painting bases, specific models, or advanced tips for painting non-metallic metals, there is a ton to dig into here.

Best Painting Articles of 2016

Inspirational Articles

Plain and simple: these are amazing models to look at. From incredible conversions, unbelievable paint jobs, to memorable models, they are each worth a few seconds to sink into your eyeballs. Take some inspiration from them to spark that creative motivator or gain insight into each painter’s style.

Best Inspirational Hobby Articles of 2016

Gaming Articles

Focusing on the gaming and competitive side of the hobby, these articles include some great battle reports, tips on competitions, and reviews of some of the many wargaming conventions around the world.

Humor and Story Articles

Rounding the series off with some humor and stories, this is somewhat of a catchall but great articles nonetheless. With wit and humor some will have you rolling (at least I was) others are fan-based short stories for their own models, and a few editorials about the hobby.

40k Humor and Short Stories

Good Reads 2016 Wrap Up

What a year right!?!?

And just think, I was only able to cover a tiny fraction of the fantastic work being produced by fellow hobby bloggers. To all these bloggers, I know taking the extra time to write up articles to share is an achievement to itself, so to each of you I say: THANK YOU! It’s incredible to be a part of this community and see what everyone is working on.

To all the readers: THANK YOU!! Without your comments, shares, and thoughts so many of us would have given up long ago. So much of the incredible work can be attributed to each of the authors getting support from you and the community.

And here is to 2017, may it be filled with more amazing hobby time, creative energy, and a bigger, strong community!