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Brush Stroke 4 with Batch Painting, Warboss, Zone Mortalis and More!

Another look back at great hobby posts including batching painting tips, a Warboss, DIY Mortalis board, a Chapter Master and painting bases. Enjoy this week’s collection.

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Painting: Batch Painting Tips

Tips on Batch Painting

Batch Painting by Cadian Shock

For those who have a heap of miniatures on your painting table and need to crank them out quickly, there is no better way that batch painting. It can be a painfully tedious process, but Cadian Shock put together his tips for cranking them out with losing only minimal sanity.

Painting: Ork Warboss

Painting Death Skull Warboss

With the new Ironjawz out, I have plans to turn the megaboss into a warboss for my 40k Orks. Having done a tutorial on how to paint my last warboss, it can give any aspiring warboss a start painting your own boss.

Building: Homemade Zone Mortalis

DIY Zone Mortalis Board

Zone Mortalis by Mike (corrm)

I have always wanted to play a game of Zone Mortalis as it seems like a great way to play 40k dungeon crawler. Mike aka Corrm built his game boards with foam and cardboard – not Forgeworld detailed but works great and way cheaper. Someone should bug him about finishing them though 🙂

Building: Painting Bases

Watch This Painting Bases

This week on Broken Paintbrush included Watch This, highlighting a video you should watch to help your hobby. This week was Garfy from Tale of Painters showing how his paints his bases including adding realistic grass tufts.

Inspiration: Mortifactors Chapter Master

Mortifactors Chapter Master

Mortifactors Chapter Master by Johnnya

White is a difficult color to paint and get a marble look has its own challenge. Johnnya painted a beautiful rendition of white marble on his Mortifactors Chapter Master. If nothing else, check out his amazing freehand work on the shield.

Brush Stroke 4 Wrapup

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