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Watch This: Painting Bases

Today’s Watch This is from Garfy of Tale of Painters where he shows us how he paints his bases. While a relatively simple and straightforward approach, he ends up with great results.

Watch This Painting Bases

In his video tutorial, he walks us through the steps to paint and then detail the bases of his Deathwatch squad with a nice dessert look.

Watch This: Painting Bases

Some of the things I liked about his video is that each step was short and sweet. There isn’t anything special in his recipe, and he shows that. What he does do is make conscience choices about what colors to use and how to place the grass.

An example of this is that he doesn’t just plop down a section of the Mordheim Turf from the package, but rather uses scissors to chop it into smaller, more realistic bits.

The Steps:

For those that didn’t watch the full video, or want a quick text steps of how he did it, I’ve put them down below.

Deathwatch by Garfy on how he paints his bases

Deathwatch Team by Garfy on Tale of Painters

  1. Finish model except for the base
  2. Use Texture ‘brush’ to apply thick layer of Armageddon Dust
  3. Wipe down rim to remove all grit
  4. Paint rim with Steel Legion Drab
  5. Drybrush with Screaming Skull
  6. chop up Mordheim Turf into smaller chunks
  7. User superglue to attach grass
  8. Use PVA glue to attach Dead Grass with old brush

Simple steps but when the unit is put together, it looks fantastic. While I don’t use a dessert theme for my bases, I have taken a few things away such as cutting up the grass and tapping the base to get the static grass to stand up.

Your Thoughts

So what do you guys think? Was the video helpful to improve your basing? Let me know in the comments section below.