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Brush Stroke 3

Another Brush Stroke from the archive, issue three continues the Mansions of Madness painting. With a lava skin tutorial, a Lorimar conversion, and tips on scraping mold lines.

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Painting: Jenny Barnes

How to Paint Jenny Barnes from Mansions of Madness

This week I finished up painting Jenny Barnes from Mansions of Madness. I put together a tutorial for how I painted her pale skin and blue dress (including a downloadable PDF).

Painting: Laval Skin

How to Paint Lava Skin

Laval Gollum by James Wappel

When I started working on the Hounds of Tindalos, I came across James Wappel’s post on painting lava skin. It is amazing how he can put colors and layers together to create such amazing work.

Building: Lorimar

Converted Praetor

Lorimar by Kraut Scientist

Kraus Scientist is an amazing converter and decided to modify the already great looking captain from the Betrayal of Calth box. This ended up being his third version of his World Eaters leader. I enjoyed how he showed the progression of the bits and his thoughts along the way.

Building: Scraping Mold Lines

How to Scrape Mold Lines

Mold Line Demonstration by Dave G

Most of the modern miniatures are becoming so good that mold lines are almost a thing of the past, but my recent experience with the Mansions of Madness models show they are still a real thing. Dave put together an illustrative overview of the best ways to remove mold lines.

Inspiration: Good Reads 26

Good Reads 26

This week’s Good Reads included a Scott’s basing tutorial, Corm’s thoughts on hobby blogging, Jarrett expounding on Kings of War, Wilhelm’s Magos, and GunGrave’s tank. A full list of great articles.

Inspiration: Warhammer Quest Returns

Games Workshop is fulfilling their promise of bringing back their specialist games. This week they released a teaser video of the return of Warhammer Quest. Not much to it, but it looks to be yet another fan favorite.


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