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Good Reads 26 – Rock the Base

Welcome to another week of Good Reads where I highlight a number of amazing hobby articles that have come across my blog feeds. From tutorials to fantastic looking models, I try to distil down a few of my favorites that I feel you just can’t miss out on seeing.

Good Reads 26

So check them out and maybe learn a new idea or get inspired for your next project.

Creating Rock Bases

Amazing Rock base by Scott Ferguson

Amazing Rock base by Scott Ferguson

Scott has been painting up a bunch of characterful models from Super Dungeon Explorer and creating fantastic looking bases for them. In a two-part series, he shows how he built and painted the rocky outcropping above. Though he kept the secret of the flowers out of this post.

Hobby Blogging

Random Hobby Picture by Corrm

Random Hobby Picture by Corrm

If you are reading this, clearly you are interested in blogs about our hobby. Also interested in how and why to blog about it? Corrm at St. Andrews Wargaming put together an epic post on his thoughts about hobby blogging.

Kings of War

King of War Skeletons by Jarrett Lee

Kings of War Skeletons by Jarrett Lee

With all the radical changes that happened with Age of Sigmar, many gamers have started looking elsewhere for a rules system. Jarrett Lee from MiniJunkie talks about his growing love of Kings of War. Seems like a great way to push blocks of units around.

Genestealer Cult Magus

Genestealer Cult Magus by Wilhelm

Genestealer Cult Magus by Wilhelm

The Deathwatch box has some incredible miniatures and Wilhelm took the Genestealer Cult Magus and made minor modifications that really change the dynamic.  The creepy servo skull is also a nice bonus.

Alpha Legion Sicarian Battle Tank by GunGrave

Sicarian Battle Tank by GunGrave

Sicarian Battle Tank by GunGrave

The newer style of Alpha Legion’s metallic blue can be quite impressive. The GunGrave took this awesome look to the next level by using a stencil to airbrush scales onto the armor plates of his Sicarian Battle Tank. I’ve put the stencils from Fallout Hobbies on my wish list of things to check out myself.


Good Reads 26 Wrapup

That’s all that can fit in one post for today. I hope you enjoyed the selection and stopped by their sites to leave a comment.

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