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Dwarf Blood Bowl Team Showcase

After a few last sprints, I have finally finished my Dwarf Blood Bowl team, the Golden Miners.  These were a great set of miniatures, and in many ways, a much nicer set than the start box models.

Dwarf Blood Bowl Team the Golden Miners

I’ll talk more about what I liked about this kit at the end of the post. I also linked the tutorials I’ve already put together for the team below. Let me know what you think of the team.

Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

Here is the whole Golden Miners team on the pitch.

Dwarf Blood Bowl Team in Yellow

The Dwarven Slayers are clearly the most dynamic set of miniatures in the set. You can also see that for this duo and the Blitzers below, the kit came with two sets of heads. You can’t argue with their beards though.

Dwarf Blood Bowl Slayer #12 Dwarf Blood Bowl Slayer #7

And here are those Blitzers. Clearly the heavy hitters of the team, they have a bit bigger armor plating and a hand guard bordering on a knuckle blade (no weapons in Blood Bowl of course!).

Dwarf Blood Bowl Blitzer #6 Dwarf Blood Bowl Blitzer #11

The final specialist on the team are the two runners. Yup, dwarves have runners. Not terribly fast, but they trade off some of their armor for an extra move point.

Dwarf Blood Bowl Runner #3 Dwarf Blood Bowl Runner #4

Filling in the rest of the team are the six blockers. Even though they are in sets of doubles, each looks dynamic and busy taking out an opponent. My favorite is the guy with the fist, clearly about to bring the hurt.

Dwarf Blood Bowl Blocker #16

Dwarf Blood Bowl Blocker #5

Dwarf Blood Bowl Blocker #15

Dwarf Blood Bowl Blocker #8

Dwarf Blood Bowl Blocker #2

Painting Tutorials

I’m not going to re-post the tutorials here, as I have already written about painting the team in two other posts.

For the yellow armor, the Dwarves were included in the How to Paint Yellow tutorial post. I used WarColours’ One-Coat Yellow and it is a life saver for painting this normally hard color.

Tutorial on How to Paint Yellow with layers, wash, and one coat paints

For the bases, I posted over on Rory’s blog, Stepping Between Games. The tutorial for the bases includes using Agrellan Badland for the broken ground texture and plenty of static grass. The article was written for the Orc players, but it is the same for the Dwarven Blood Bowl players.

How to Base Blood Bowl Players

Dwarf Blood Bowl Paint List

For the rest of the miniature, here is the paint list I used. Most of the colors were kept to a base color, brown wash, and a single highlight. I wanted to keep the models simple and quick so I could finally get around to playing a game with them.

Dark Brown Cloth:

  1. Model Color Burnt Umber (Mornfang Brown)
  2. Game Color Dark Brown Wash (Agrax Earthshade)
  3. Game Color Earth (Steel Legion Drab)

Light Brown Cloth:

  1. Game Color Bonewhite (Ushabti Bone)
  2. Dark Brown Wash (Agrax Earthshade)
  3. Game Color Bonewhite (Ushabti Bone)

Yellow Armor:

  1. WarColours One-Coat Yellow (Averland Sunset)
  2. Dark Brown Wash (Agrax Earthshade)
  3. WarColours One-Coat Yellow (Layer up to Flash Gitz Yellow)
  4. Game Color White (White Scar)

Dark Skin:

  1. Game Color Earth (Steel Legion Drab)
  2. Dark Brown Wash
  3. Game Color Leather Brown (XV88)
  4. Game Color Khaki (Zandri Dust)


  1. Game Color Magic Blue (Caledor Sky)
  2. Game Color Electric Blue (Lothern Blue)
  3. Game Color White (White Scar)


Again, check out the full tutorial on the base over on Stepping Between Games, but here is the paint list:

  1. Games Workshop Agrellan Badland
  2. Dark Brown Wash
  3. Green Flock, Static Grass, and Black Ballast

Thoughts on the Blood Bowl Dwarves

At this point, I have built the human, orc, and dwarf teams. I also have the Skaven team in the box. What I love about the kits so far is that each is different enough to reinforce the players’ race but similar enough to tie them all to Blood Bowl.

Dwarf Blood Bowl Team The Golden Miners

But of the four kits, the Dwarven players are my favorite sculpts. Perhaps it is because I haven’t owned any dwarves in the past, but the players are all very dynamic and have incredible details. My painting didn’t serve the details justice, but just the fingers alone show how far miniatures have come over the years.

One of the unique things about the Dwarf box is the two head options for the Slayer and Blitzer. All three of the other existing teams are identical pairs of players. Perhaps it was because the players are smaller and they had extra room on the sprues. But those two extra bits are awesome to help the team look different.

Next Up for Blood Bowl

Now that I have two teams fully painted, I am working on convincing the Mrs. to play a game. Perhaps it is because I have been away from a game store for so long, but I feel a bit intimidated to show up for a pickup game without knowing the rules.

So I plan to get a few practice games in first and see if I can find a local league (anyone from the east side of Seattle?).

In terms of painting, I am working on all the counters and balls which should be pretty quick. Then it’s on to the Skaven team. I then plan to buy/convert some of the special units for each race. A troll and/or goblins for the Orcs, a Rat Ogre for the Skaven, and of course the Death Roller for the Dwarves. I think that will be my second ever Forge World purchase 🙂