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Good Reads 51 a HUGE collection of hobby posts to enjoy

Welcome to Good Reads 51 where I share some awesome hobby posts from the last two weeks. With some painting tutorials, amazing miniatures, and awesome hobbyists, there is lots to check out.

Good Reads 51

Alternative Magnus the Red

Magnus the Red Conversion

Conversion and Painting by Rebecca

The plastic Magnus the Red is already an incredible miniature, so it takes some skill and creativity to convert it. Rebecca took up that challenge with this creepy alternative for their INQ28 campaign.

Painting a Blue Orc

Painting an Orruk face

Orc Tutorial by Darren Latham

Popping out of his shell to give us another incredible painting tutorial, Darren Latham wrote how he painted this blue Orruk Megaboss face. While not everyone will want their orcs to be slightly blue, the details around the ears, eyes, and mouth are useful for any orc/ork/orruk player.

Master of Change

Thousand Sons Tactical Squad

30k Thousand Sons by Mordian7th

As this is the third Thousand Sons army that Moridan7th has painted, and then sold  :-/, I think it is fair to say he knows a thing or two about the army. He is also a painted machine, and by the time of this post, he has already finished a few other squads!

Painting Miniature by Paul Bonner

Painted by Marc Masclans

For something a bit different, check out this HUGE tutorial/painting log by Marc on painting this minotaur in replication of a piece of art by Paul Bonner. While it may be hard to look at this and image that any of us could paint something like this, it is great to get an insight into these amazing artists and learn their thoughts and process.

The Red Hunters

Red Hunters Thunderfire Cannon Conversion

Red Hunters by Gothmog

Gothmog finished up his Red Hunters army Adepticon and they look awesome. With some clever conversions and lots of Death Watch bits, he kept the army in theme. He was also able to get it painted quickly with red washes over a silver spray.

Painting the Overlords

How to paint the Kharadron Overlords

Painting by Tyler

I’m not sure how Tyler managed to get a set of the new Kharadron Overlords early, but I’m glad he did. He not only painted up some great looking Pirate Dwarves but put together a great painting tutorial for his own skyport, Barak-Mor.

Creep Mine(d)

INQ28 Psychic Spore

Psychic Spore by Wilhelm

I’m not sure who started the creepy use of angel faces, but Wilhem put one to use for a Genestealer Cult Psychic Spore. It is not only very thematic for the Cult, but an incredible use of bits and paint.

Beauty in the Sand

Myersalome Diorama

Painted by Ana

This diorama by Ana is a beautiful use of colors and textures. She took a sculpt for Myersalome and turned it into an Arabian-themed sorceress. Lots of cool little touches throughout the miniature.

Lord of Decay

Converted Harbinger of Decay

Converted and Painted by Amy

Going in the opposite direction of royalty, Am wasn’t happy with the available model for the Harbinger of Decay. To remedy this, she converted her own to ride a nasty looking stead. Really cool conversion.

Van Damien’s World Devils

Van Damien's World Devils

Painted by Marc

There aren’t many reverse conversions of Ork vehicles back to their Imperial origins, but Marc needed a suitable ride for his Australian themed fighters.  Van Damien’s World Devils have been a passion project for Marc to celebrate his country’s fallen on remembrance day.

Wooden Spell Singer

Wooden Eldar Exodite Seer

Conversion by Alex

The Chapel Project has brought out many creative hobbyists, and Alex has recently added this Eldar Exodite Seer, the Gladesinger to the collection. A great mix of Sylvaneth and Eldar parts, and even a cool back story for her.

Demon Trees

Converted Sylvaneth Demon Trees

Demon Trees by NafNaf

NafNaf has started a new project, and I think you will agree his new Bog Sylvaneth conversions are incredible – if not nightmare inducing. All those textures really make the trees come to life.

Good Reads 51 Wrap Up

Wow, that was a big list! But I hope you were able to dig in and enjoy some of the Good Reads. Give them a follow and a comment.