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WIP Updates 8-9-17: Ork Megaboss and Stompa are back!

Trying to get in the habit of writing more WIP posts, especially as I bounce from project to project. In my typical hobby butterfly fashion, I set the Dark Imperium box aside in favor of finishing off some Orks!


Rainbow Warrior Deathwatch

But first off, I did finish the Deathwatch marine I painted using the Rainbow Warriors scheme. I took a bunch of pictures along the way and plan to do a full tutorial on painting him shortly.

Though I am still 50/50 on the leopard print. I may go back and fix that first.

Rainbow Warrior Deathwatch Space Marine

Also, for the Rainbow Warrior Project, I am helping to set up the site. So in all my glorious free time (hehe) I am setting up another WordPress site for the project and allow all the contributors to showcase their miniatures. I’ll post more updates on that as I make some progress.


In Ork news, I broke out the Stompa project box (yeah it’s taken that long I have it in a file box!). Where I last left the Stompa, I had the main body finished, minus all the little bits. So out come all those little bits onto the painting station.

The first to get knocked out was the big skull belly plate. Being the Death Skulls clan, it of course in a giant blue skull! With some copious amounts of scratches and weathering, it came together fairly quickly.

Stompa Death Skull Belly Plate

And glued into place. While Orks are known for their planning, I did have the location of the skull pre-planned so the armor plates behind the eyes would be red and not blue plates nearby to obscure the skull.

WIP Stompa for the Death Skulls

Next up is the little windows covering the grots, the skull plate that broke off the banner, and the back scaffold thingy. Oh, and the Grots are in the process of being painted with washes.


But that is not the main attraction! The other long standing Ork project I am trying to finish finally is the Megaboss conversion. I last left him with the skin and face completed and all the armor plates base coated and washed.

But the front armor was still unglued (to paint his face). So I glued it into place and closed the gap with Liquid Green Stuff. That was nerve wracking though! Trying to scrape and sculpt a partially painted mini was stressful.

WIP Ork Megaboss Converted Tyranid Skull

But I continued and started sculpting the skull into a giant Tyranid head. It’s a neat bit on the mini, but I needed to bring it into the 40k world and adding ridges was an easy(ish) solution.

So I read back through the sculpting tips from Mr. Pink, and started with the topmost ridge. I layered on each set once the previous dried. It was a long process of waiting for the putty to dry, which is why I worked on the Stompa at the same time.

Once completed, I painted it up in the same colors as my Hive Fleet Behemoth.  Not only does this tie him into my other armies, but the blue fit perfectly with the scheme as well.

Painting the Tyranid Skull

All the metal areas were weathered a bit more with rust powders before being sealed in with spray varnish. From there it was highlights of Gunmetal and Model Air Aluminum. I’ve also highlighted the blue, white, and red armor panels which nearly completes him.

WIP Ork Megaboss for the Death Skulls Clan

The final areas to paint are the straps and leather trousers. I will then add some more weathering powders over the whole mini to tie it together. As this model comes together, I feel it is one of my best painted yet and am super happy with him.

That’s a Wrap

So that’s what is currently on my painting table. Hopefully, the Megaboss will be done soon, and more progress will be made on the Stompa. I’m not sure if I will finish it anytime soon, but rather continue to make steady progress while I paint some other projects.