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Brush Stroke #5

With another archive post of my weekly newsletter, Brush Stroke #5  bring you some great tutorials and showcase pieces from Broken Paintbrush and other hobby bloggers around the web.

Brush Stroke #5 Broken Paintbrush Newsletter

If you haven’t subscribed yet, Brush Stroke is my weekly (currently bi-weekly) email where I highlight the posts from this site so you can stay up to date. But I also add some awesome articles that I have found in the archives of other hobby bloggers. So while Good Reads highlights recent posts, Brush Stroke dives into the archives.

Painting: Hounds of Tindalos

Primed and painted hound of Tindalos

For the Mansions of Madness (1st Edition), I created this tutorial for the creepy Hounds of Tindalos. It was my first attempt at a lava scheme, so I share my thoughts on how I did it.

Painting: Rusty Gold

Painting Aged Gold Tutorial

Rusty Gold Landraider by MG

Came across this fantastic article on painting rusty gold – a beaten, dirty gold look from MG which is fantastic on his marine vehicles.

Building: The Original Interceptor

Converted Stormhawk Interceptor

Converted Interceptor by Danny

When I got my Stormtalon, I had looked around for other people’s conversions as I didn’t like the base model. Danny’s conversion is very similar to the new Interceptor model – cool conversion if you want the new plane and have an old kit lying around.

Building: Genestealer Beast Build

Tyranid Beast by Wilhelm

In this week’s Good Reads is Wilhelm’s custom base tutorial, a base for a fantastic Genestealer beast. He followed on with how he built the monster from an old Carnifex and shares his thoughts on the process.

Inspiration: Good Reads 27

Scratch Built Tanks by Klaus Fischer

This week also had a Good Reads showcasing some great blogs from around the hobby. This week had robots, scratch built tanks, and Death Guard Knight Titans!

Inspiration: Putty and Paint

Do you like looking at fantastically painted miniatures? Putty and Paint is an invite only showcase site that has some amazing artists. Being invite only could be viewed as elitist, but they also work hard to curate the work, so it is a fantastic experience.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this throwback Brush Stroke. Remember, if you want this type of content delivered directly to your inbox, sign up below. Not only will you be able to keep up with the going on here at Broken Paintbrush, but I hope you also find some awesome things to learn or inspire you on your next hobby project.