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Cool Tools: Greyed Out Dice Bags

I’ve seen @greylikestorms dice bags now and then on Twitter, but never really paid too much attention to them. I thought dice bags were one of those things ‘hardcore’ players did. The same ones who came dressed up in costume or carried a banner to events.

But after having the fortunate chance to get to know Mike as part of the Rainbow Warriors Project, I have changed my mind and even bought my own bag.

A review of Greyed Out Dice Bags

Why Dice Bags?

For many tabletop games, dice are used to test skills and perform heroism. Bigger games require more dice. Sometimes whole piles of dice.

Looking at you orks and all your dakka

Forever I have been using resealable plastic bags to hold my dice between games. Functional, cheap and easy. But they rip or disappear in the fog of war (more likely blown away and picked up as trash).

Greyed Out Dice Bags

Thanks to the power and reach of Twitter, I have seen Mike’s dice bags pop up now and again. But it wasn’t until we started interacting as part of the Rainbow Warriors Project that I paid too much attention.

Not only did Mike break out an awesome looking bag for the project, but offered to customize a bag for each of us. I took him up on his offer for a bag for my Mentor Legion.

We discusses a few colors and details, and about a week later he sends me a picture!

Mentor Legion Dice Bag

In terms of quality, these bags are well made. The cotton is a thicker weight, almost a canvas and the stitching is tight and neat. And with the double layers (green and white in this case) these bags feel like they will hold up to abuse of gaming.

Dice bag holding dice

Last weekend I actually got a quick game in with my wife as I was teaching her the 8th edition rules (thanks to being only a few pages now!). So I found as many of my old dice that I could and dumped them in.

Ignoring the scatter and artillery dice, I probably had about 40ish dice in there and it was mostly empty. These things could easily hold hundreds of the smaller dice to make even the biggest Gitz happy with the dakka they could through.

The flat bottom and stiff sides made it super easy to through dice into the bag or grab more out when needed. It means that there shouldn’t be random dice spread across the gaming table or spilling out when bumped.

Mentor Legion with their dice bag

One of the cool parts of having the custom bag is having it as part of the army. As you can see, Mike did an awesome job of matching the colors and logo of the army. It’s a little thing, and I could have easily picked a more generic style, but the it feels awesome to plunk this down next to my Mentors.

In terms of price, it looks like most of the bags run between $20 and $30. So way less than a new character model. He does have a couple of leather bags shaped like D20 at the $50-$60 make, but look awesome. You can see a selection of his bags on his shop.

Note: I don’t get a commision and Mike didn’t even ask me to write this up, but I thought he bags are awesome, and I have found Mike to be an awesome part of this hobby community.

Your Thoughts?

So what are your thoughts on dice bags? Do you have one of Mike’s or from another maker? Hit up the comments and let us know.