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Good Reads 56 with Orks, Maps, Mutants, and Marines. Get Inspired

Another awesome week of hobby posts is upon us. So come check out my selection of hobby posts you should not miss in Good Reads 56.

Good Reads 56

Heros of the Empire

Dark Angels Successor Guardians of Covenant

Guardians of Covenant by Bruno

These beautiful conversions and the alternative paint scheme is what caught my eye with Bruno’s Dark Angel successors. Particularly the bone-white for his Captain, converted from the Space Hulk set.

And the Mutant

Mutant converted with snail shell

Mutant by Wilhelm

Wilhelm has made some incredible conversions, but this may now be one of my favorites. Using a real snail shell, Crypt Horror, and Plague Drone, the Abalone Mutant was born. The paint job is also brilliant with the mix of blue, white, and purple.

Drawing Fantasy Maps

How to Hand Draw Fantasy Maps

Hand Drawn Map by Daggerandbrush

I’m always impressed by the tutorials at Dagger and Brush, not only because of their quality, but also they aren’t your typical topics. Like this one on how to draw fantasy maps! From DnD adventures to story based campaigns, drawing a custom map can really tell the story.

Men in Black

Primaris Death Watch Marines

Deathwatch by Jeff Vader

Jeff has done some incredible conversions, but for this squad of Deathwatch Primaris, he is showcasing his painting skills. Between the various shades of black and freehand icons, this squad really comes to life.

Making a Scene

Creating a Scenic Base for the Wizard

Andy wrote this guest post for Broken Paintbrush on how to create scenic bases and displays. Lots of awesome tips to help your characters stand out or building a board for Armies on Parade. Plus he has some incredible finished pieces in there too.

One Weird Boy

Converted Weirdboy from Savage Ork boss

Converted Weirdboy by Greg

Greg has been a painting machine the last few weeks as he works to get his army ready for NOVA. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made time for awesome conversions such as this Ork Weirdboy. Make sure you click through and check out his Waaggh! banner as well.

Never Too Old to Hunt

Chaos Space Marine Predator

Predator by Thor

With the resurgence of 40k, Thor broke out an old (ancient even) metal Predator and finished it in his Disciples of Twilight. Lots of great detail and weathering including the Chaos star in white.

Dinos Rule

Repainted Dinos by James Wappel

Just to prove that the quality of the miniature doesn’t need to matter, James has been repainting toy dinosaurs into incredible works of art. Yes, those soft, chubby toy dinos we all played with as kids. With some added layers of paint, and vibrant color choices, they look like display models instead.

More Rainbow Warrior Progress

Dan put together another update video for the Rainbow Warriors Project! With three squads of tactical marines showing up to his desk last week, along with the custom printed decals, he has been busy getting them based.

Good Reads 56 Wrap Up

Well that is it for this week, I hope you found some great hobby content to enjoy and maybe learn a new trick or two. And don’t forget to share with your hobby friends so they can check it out as well!