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Watch This: Painting Books

The Silver Tower came with a lot of books, but they are a common addition to Librarians, Grey Knights, Wizards, and all sorts of book lovers. Some seem some amazingly done books and parchments done by awards winning painters. For the rest of us getting started with it, Victor Ques made a nice video on painting books.

Watch how to paint books and freehand text

This how-to guide to painting books doesn’t get fancy or use an airbrush. In fact, Victor only uses a few colors to achieve a fantastic result. Check out his video and then some more of my notes below.

(note: there is a section in the middle where he almosts moves off screen, but just for a moment)

Painting Books by Victor


Pretty simple right? Basically, paint the main colors, wash to provide depth and wear, and then a bit of fine brushwork – probably the hardest part. But with anything in our hobby, after a bit of practice, it becomes easier to do.

Let’s go back through his steps:

Base Colors

  • Paint book cover Mornfang Brown
  • Paint pages Screaming Skull
  • Paint cover details with Retributor Armor
    • Usie the side of your brush
  • Wash the pages with Gryphone Sepia
    • Focus on the recesses, page edges, and tears
  • Add Agrax Earthshade to the cover and deepest recesses

Freehand Details

  • Tip: don’t use black for the writing, it’s too harsh
    • Rhinox Hide works really well instead
  • Start with the page ‘illustrations’ like Chaos stars or symbols
    • He uses Khorne Red for adding some Chaos stars
    • Fills in the pages with something interesting
  • Using Rhinox Hide, start adding text
    • create small lines/dots/squiggles to emulate text
    • don’t keep it uniform, but create straight lines across the page
  • Add squares, large letters, or other symbols to mix it up
  • Using Pallid Wych Flesh, highlight the page edges, tears, and holes

I hope this Watch This: Painting Books with Victor was helpful and inspires you do get a bit more creative with your own models. Add something special to the next page, parchment, or even purity seal you paint.

Also, make sure you subscribe to Victor’s channel for some other great tutorials, including more of the Silver Tower set.