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Dreadtober: The Participants

The Dreadtober build and paint event is officially started! Last week, I posted a pre-event challenge to have the participants plan what they will accomplish for the month.

Dreadtober Painting Challenge

Photo/Drawing/Logo by Todd @ Sincain40k

The idea was to organize and prepare for the month. I challenged each of them to make goals for not only the finished model but what steps they would need to accomplish along the way. As the challenges progress, the Saturday Showcase will highlight their progress.

For this first week, it’s more of a meet the participants and have them share what their plan’s are. So check out their blogs, give their social feeds a follow, and cheer them on.

The Participants

Listed in no particular order are the Dreadtober 2016 participants. (ok, it does relate roughly to when they sent me their info!)

If you missed the initial launch and still want to join, just fill in the form below and I will email you all the details. As there isn’t a competition but rather a fun thing to do together during October, there isn’t a penalty for joining a bit late.


Project: a Furioso Dreadnought. I am going to be honing in on pre-shading and battle damage. Also, I will be doing a little magnetizing.

Facebook: vigilanteminiatures


I’m doing Murderfang. I’ve not got anything too exciting planned for Murderfang. I just want to get some paint on him finally. I’m matching him to the rest of my Space Wolves army, which are painted in the Heresy style: light grey with red accents.

Twitter: chickhammer  | Blog:


I’m planning to paint up my first Killa kan. Have had it built for 2 years now. The  gun arm is magnetized, so i’ll paint up both options i have assembled.

Twitter: Nayr00


I have an Ironclad Dreadnought that I will be painting for my Ultramarines 2nd Company. No special conversions planned, but I’m still trying to decide how I’m going to paint it. My two standard dreadnoughts are painted in a style that I don’t think quite fits with the rest of my army, so I’m debating if I should paint this one to better fit the army, or stay in line with the other two. I’m leaning toward fitting the rest of the army.

Instagram: daniel_givens


Project: 2x Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts.

Challenge: Re-posing conversion and brass etch additions.

Facebook: NarrativeGuys

Grenn Dal

This dreadtober I am going to make a sydonian dragoon. I am also going to make it so I can swap out the driver and make a ironstrider.

Twitter: grenndal  | Blog:


Working on a donated deathwatch dreadnought.

Special thing,?? Try and finish it this time 🙂

Twitter: jtuvminis

Joe B.

Besides trying to stay on top of these posts, I’ve been converting a Furioso Dreadnought into an Iron Clad for my Mentor Legion. Besides the conversion, I’m also writing up in-depth tutorials on each stage.

Twitter: brknpaintbrush  | Facebook: brokenpaintbrush | Instagram: brknpaintbrush


Night Lords Contemptor dreadnought. Going to try and make green stuff flayed skin.

Facebook: BedingfieldPainting | Instagram: BedingfieldPainting

Kyle Haydon

Model: Alpha Legion Contemptor

Special Notes: I’ll be giving it a customized base to fit the Hjobby Vices campaign, converted ‘hydra talon’ claws, and additional decorative marks. Not much one can add to the already spectacular piece Forgeworld created after all!

Twitter: KyleHaydon  | Instagram: kyle.haydon | Blog:


I am planning a Dark Angels Techmarine Deathwatch Dreadnought, to pay homage to my Deathwatch RPG character who was eaten (…perhaps not completely) by a Scythed Heirodule. It will be armed with a Conversion Beamer, Seismic Hammer and two servo arms, incorporating a plasma burner and mechanical claw. I am going to bash so much kit.

For the full story, visit:



Moved house this weekend so there is much disruption to pretty much everything, and hobby has taken a backseat while we unpack and try to sort everything out. Hopefully by next week I should be able to start and give you an update 🙂

Twitter: NafNaff81  | Blog:


Ork Dreadnought

I call him da Screama Killa, he has four drill arms, and his pose makes him look like a very old carnifex. On the base, he is stepping on a dead(?) Raven Guard. My friend has an awesome RG dread conversion stepping on an ork. Since we’re playing Kastorel-Novem, I thought I should return the favor. If I finish early, I also have several Kans I plan to work on, to try and finish a dread mob.

Twitter: normnondo

Karl Hungis

I’ve decided to make a contemptor dread for the Crimson fists with two kheres autocannons.

I put a post on Facebook with the #dreadtober.

The Mad Mek

I plan on restoring a Deff Dread that I picked up in a trade a while back.

I will need to find weapons and bits to compensate for the broken parts but I have a deep bits box. I will be posting my progress on my blog.


Jack Shrapnel

Planning on finishing the Khorgorath from Age of Sigmar (same size as the hellbrute).

Seriously have no idea what I’m going to do with it, just going to start painting and see where it leads me (that’s how I normally go about things) as I have NO models painted for this army, so the Khorgorath is going to pretty much dictate the scheme for everything else!


Mihalis “”Cadaver”” Skalkos

I plan to finish a Forgeworld Contemptor Dreadnought for my 30K Death Guard army.

As you may probably have already seen from the pics, I tried to keep it as simple and original as possible. The model itself is a beauty and I dont want to spoil it with too many conversions. That said, I added some Death Guard photo ethced iconography that I had laying around, adding to the model fluff and flavor. The model is based on a resin base from

For the painting part, I am planning to keep it as close as possible with my other Death Guard models, extremely weathered and battle torn.


Lonely Kitbasher

Right, here we go; I’m going to be scratch building what I think will be called an “Amphis’ bane” pattern Dreadnought.  Mind the spelling.  The special thing about it is that I’ll be building it from everything barring dreadnought parts.  It’ll be a stretch, but I’m confident.

Blog: | G+: D Powers


I will be painting three converted Sydonian Dragoons for my Skitarii.

The legs, hips, waist and riders have all been reposed to add variety to the unit. They’ll be painted based on the dusty blue, brass and copper colors of my custom forge world, Kal’koplos, and weathered for fun. The models were purchased 2nd-hand so they were a bit rough but I’m making do.



Project: Contemptor Dreadnoughts 2 plastic 1 Resin.

Adding lots of detail to the 2 plastic ones, 1 will have books and scrolls the other bodies, and hand sculpted chaos details. I go over the game plan in my 1st blog post.

Blog: | Instagram: eleive1

Anthony aka MasakiSayz

For this month, I plan on completing (my first) Killa Kan! I’m going to try and capture the ramshackle feel of Orks with plenty of freehand markings and heavy weathering, both of which I have very little experience with. But how hopes are high, and Waaaugh!! energy flows through my brush!

G+: AnthonyPaoliMasakiSays


Not only is he doing his own project, but talked eight other friends into it. Due to family and kids, many already started their various projects. Check out their latest update:

Twitter: macantsagart  | Blog:


My plans is to do a Space Wolf dreadnought. I’m planning on trying to add weathering to it. But my big plan is to see if I can magnetize the front piece so I can use it as Bjorne, a venerable, and murder claw.

Doug Kus

Dark Vengeance Helbrute with conversion to match the Trap Jaw character of ‘Masters of the Universe’ fame (one of Skeletor’s henchmen).



The original Dreadman himself! This year Greg decided to go and get himself married and thus will be out on his honeymoon for the first two weeks.

Twitter: 3dgreg  | Blog:

Adam Abramowicz

I’m just getting settled after the move. Working on getting my studio operational next week.

Blog: | Facebook: beyondthebrushstudios | Instagram: beyondthebrushstudios


Pledge: Plastic Raven Guard Venerable Dread with magnetized arms.


Black Shield

The model I’ve chosen for Dreadtober is a deathwatch lamenters dreadnought. As for conversion work; a grot now squirms in the clutches of the blood talon, I’ve made a different lascannon, and included a banner. I plan to go to town with freehanding all the chapter icons.

Twitter: squizzato_eric


Frag cannon armed blood angels furioso (fragioso!)

This will be my first painted vehicle for 15 years or so – I never liked tank brush drybrushing results! I was mostly a WHFB guy, so this wasn’t a big problem. I’ve done some zenithal airbrushing on infantry this last year, but this will be my first attempt on something bigger, with a new colour scheme to boot; oh, and an LED vision slit. Go big or go home, etc.

Blog: | Twitter: arkhanist

Dan D.

Goal is to paint my 4th edition metal flying hive tyrant conversion

I am a bit ahead of the game in that my model is partially assembled. That being said, I haven’t painted any ‘nids for 10+ years, so my goal is to work on getting back in the groove of blending / fading of skins and carapace. I won’t play without the model assembled, so I need to finish the painting so I can put the model on the table by the end of the challenge.

Niklas D.

Dan D.’s son Niklas is 10 and just getting into painting. His goal is to paint the Hellbrute from Dark Vengeance and get 4 or 5 colors on the model and work on getting a steady hand and general painting techniques down.

Dave S

Project: Domitar-Lamina Battle Automata

I’m going to convert the standard FW Domitar to fit with the design for my Dark Mechanicus guys, The Cult Stochastic. Basically a cult that has started to worship an AI as a manifestation of the Omnissiah and is in the process of becoming corrupted. She’s going to get new arms, a new head, changes to armor weight and some extra cables and cloth. I’m also going to try out hairspray chipping for the first time, and a freehand Cult logo. The base will be kind of a forge/cathedral mashup and will hopefully be 3D printed, time permitting.

Blog: | Instagram: thepolysmith


A Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought, as Flesh Tearers with some minor conversion to remove the Blood Angels icons and supplant it with Flesh Tearer saws.

Facebook: Forged in the Warp


Involves a Betrayal at Calth Contemptor. I’ve nothing special planned for this model, more a case of using Dreadtober as a way of getting out of bad habits and getting something finished by a deadline. More updates on his post.

Twitter: sonofultramar | Blog:


This week I got my two Assault on Black Reach dreads out of storage. I plan on building them for my on going Deathwing project. The goal for me is to make some progress each week as way plate is pretty full between family, work and school.

Instagram: bunkermonkey9


Main Goal – To prove that my new job still allows for hobby time, to be demonstrated by completing the first model of what will become a new Lamenters army, Furioso Dreadnought Flavus.

How To Get There – I’ve had the Shield of Baal: Deathstorm box gathering dust from a few Christmases back, I’ll be using this Furioso Dreadnought sprue and a few scavenged Ironclad & Venerable components for the build, followed by putting my Lamenters test paint scheme into practice to complete the Dreadtober Challenge.

Blog: Dakka Dakka

Darren Bogus

Project: Chaos Helbrute (from Dark Vengeance).

Going to paint it in Iron Warriors colors. I’ve wanted to collect a force for some time. Otherwise, I plan to keep it stock, with no changes. Going to clean and assemble it this weekend. Or at least try to.

Twitter: darrenbogus


What model you plan to finish for Dreadtober: A Contemptor pattern dreadnought for my Ultramarines chapter. Though if I get particularly giddy, I do have six other dreads that could use a coat of paint on them as well…

Anything special you are going to do with it (conversion, paint, new technique): Nothing terribly special. I’ll be magnetizing the arms (of course) and will most likely be painting him up as a veteran of the first company.



For my first Dreadtober, I’m going to do the Helbrute from the Dark Vengeance boxset. The model’s been on my shelf for a few years now and looks like it will be fun to paint. I’m hoping to do a few minor conversions to make it a bit more “Khorne-y”; Khorne logos, scrape off some of the eyes, and add some bits. This will be the first model I attempt some battle damage as well (as demonstrated recently by Duncan on WarhammerTV).

Twitter: Mike_Schreiner  | Blog:


I’ve got a Helbrute kit and an Ironclad kit, and I’m going to be mixing up parts from them to make a pair of Ironclads for my Iron Warriors, who I’m playing as Counts As Imperial Fists.


Dean Kelly

My aim is to complete a group of three Killa Kans and a Rogue Trader era Ork Dreadnought.

I’ve recently started work on my Orks who have been living in boxes for years. I get a lot of junk from eBay and these are all rebuild/repaint jobs that someone else started and which I will completely repaint. They are the first non-infantry Ork models I’ve painted so I’m breaking new ground. I’m not yet sure what I’m going to do with the legacy dreadnought model – it’s too small and lightly armed to be a modern Deff Dread so it’ll probably count as a fourth Kan.

Full plan is on his blog post.



I plan on painting a contemptor dreadnaught from the Betrayal at Calth set for my World Eaters legion.

Since the pose is a bit static and the details somewhat generic, I plan to do some conversion work on it. First I plan to reposition the limbs to give it some movement. Second, I’ll be adding some chains, skulls, iconography, etc. just to make him look a bit meaner and slightly less sane.

Blog: 30khobbyblog


Project: Deathwatch Venerable Dreadnought Brother Nihilus – a dual goal for both Dreadtober and Armies on Parade!

Experimenting with a marble/stone pattern on the shoulder pads, but otherwise a pretty straightforward project. The challenge for me is all the edge line highlighting for the Deathwatch which has never been my forte. Practice makes perfect though, right?


Jamie Searle

Project: Honoured-Ancient Brother Thanatos – Deathwatch Veteran Dreadnought

Whilst I’ve used them before I’ve still not fully finished a model with LED’s in, I’ll also be trying some greenstuffing.

Twitter: DrakePoldragon  | Blog:


Slaaneshi sonic dreadnought.

A fairly comprehensive conversion to turn a broken Crimson Fists dreadnought into something more pleasing to the Dark Prince. As it stands it’s just a heap of bits and grand aspirations but hopefully by the end of the week it’ll looking a lot nicer.

With info on his post of dreadnoughts he has known.



Project: Betrayal at Calth Contemptor

My goal is to convert the BaC Contemptor into a Khornate Contemptor Helbrute. I’ve explained the goals more precisely on the blog.



Painting up a VII Legion, Imperial Fists Contemptor. Always scared of painting yellow, gonna try some new techniques and my usual magnet magic to make this a centerpiece for my new force. Paired with Kyle’s build, these dreads will be a part of our narrative campaign we’re constantly waging.

Blog: | Instagram: hobbyvices


I’ll be building is a death company dread 😀

Twitter: sprout0010


I’m planning to work on something completely new for me, a Castellax from FW’s Mechanicum range. I think this model will be at the core of my (eventually upcoming) Zone Mortalis Mechanicum force.


Harry Wagstaff

A Tau Crisis Team

I’ve only recently started collecting 40K miniatures, and am trying to work my way through a Start Collecting Tau box. I’d like to paint the suits with a chunky urban camo pattern, and also magnetize the weapons to keep things flexible.

G+: HarryWagstaff


I will be making an Ultramarines leviathan dreadnought and magnetizing the weapons.

Twitter: ultima_ant


I’m trying to finish a forge world Dimacheron for my growing tyranids army. Anything special? Unfortunately not . Just the same paint scheme and technique than the rest of the army. I’m not sure I´ll finish it inside the time frame but I´ll try my best!

Twitter: Wolfsherz  | Blog: | Instagram: wolfsherz._

Dan from The Narrative Guys

Facebook: NarrativeGuys 

David Raghanti

Twitter: OPwizardBeard


YouTube: War Report

Rob aka Voracious Gamer

Twitter: Vorgames  | Blog:


Facebook: paul.graddon.5


Twitter: Ruleslawyer01 

Andrew Taylor

Twitter: yorkwargamer 


Twitter: popculturecube | Instagram: popculture_cube




Twitter: Xacheriel | Blog:

JF Dubeau

Twitter: jfdubeau | Blog:



The Drill Abbot

Twitter: DrillAbbot


Twitter: makkeru | Blog:


G+: MattFussell

Rob @ iToysoldiers

I’m working on a World Eater’s Contemptor Dreadnaught (from the Battle of Calth set too, like the other Robert). Not sure that I’m going to be doing very much conversion on it (’cause I kind of suck at it) but I will be replacing the TL bolter with a melta gun. As there’s progress it’ll be on my site.

Twitter: iToysoldiers  | Blog: | Instagram: iToysoldiers

Dave Mary

Building a Death Watch Dreadnought fully magnetised.


Greg Zeitlin


Doing the dreadnought from the Betrayal of Calth box set and magnetize the arms



Twitter: sav10g 

Matt K.

Project: a Tau Riptide battlesuit

I’ve wanted to both own a Riptide and make a Tau army that resembles the veritech fighters from Robotech for a while now. Perhaps now is the time.

Twitter: crabsarescary | Blog:






Did I miss yours?

At the time of writing this, there are 91 people signed up Dreadtober. Which is both awesome and a bit overwhelming! So if I didn’t get your pledge posted above (or got it messed up), sorry and just let me know! Look for an email like “Dreadtober Challenge #1: Call for Showcase” and hit reply, or leave a comment below.

Coming Up Next

This wrapped up the first challenge of Dreadtober, The Plan.

Tomorrow I will post the second challenge of the event where we start building our Dreadnoughts. Remember, if you want to get emails about the challenge throughout the week, sign up below and I will send you all the details.

Next week’s showcase will be a whole lot more interesting as it should include pictures of everyone’s progress!

‘Er We Go!