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Build Your Model a Dreadtober Challenge

This is it. We are starting to actual begin working on your Dreadtober model! The challenge this week is to build your model. Glue, knives, and magic may all be required.

Dreadtober Challenge 2: Build Your Model

Well, hopefully between your fellow Dreadtober participants and the helpful tutorials below we can skip on the magic part. But I do hope that as part of this challenge you are trying new things to push your hobby skills a bit further.

As a reminder, these weekly challenges are only meant to be guidance and milestone markers to provide encouragement along the build. If your model is already built or you prefer to paint on the sprue, don’t let me stop you from your hobby style!

Challenge: Build Your Model

This week’s challenge is pretty straightforward: create your Dreadtober model! It doesn’t matter if your model is still in its box or already partially assembled, the goal is to have it fully assembled by next Saturday.

For those who like to paint the model in sub-assemblies, magnetize the crap out of the model, or have some other reason to start painting without being fully assembled, that’s fine. Just get yourself to that point!

Result: A Built Model

The primary purpose of this goal is to be ready to paint starting next weekend. If it’s fully glued, sub-assemblies, or magnets holding it together, doesn’t matter.

Sometimes just building the model is an accomplishment in of itself. I know when I was digging through my closet of doom to find my contribution, I found so many kits on sprues, partially assembled models, and projects that were going to be awesome. Alas, they linger in the bits box.

But not this day! Today we build! Today we create! Today we start the path to glory!

So get out there and cut those bits of the sprue, clean those pesky mold lines, and get glue where it belongs! Forward!

Helpful Tutorials

And to help you towards that path of ultimate building victory, I have pulled together a couple of useful articles that you might enjoy this week.

Building Models

For assembling models 101, Dave put together an excellent tutorial on the different types of glue, posing, accessorizing, and adding green stuff. It’s a great place to start for anyone who is getting started or needs a few tips on reposing models.

Removing Mold Lines

One of the most annoying aspects of building our models is removing the mold lines. These are the lines that are formed between the different mold plates used by the manufacturer and some amount of the plastic seeps into them.

Removing them can be tedious and rather difficult in some parts of the model. Both Dave Garbe of Wargaming Tradecraft and Nazroth of Scar Hand Painting put together their tips with the right tools and methods to remove these imperfections.

Plastic Glue

The right glue can make a huge difference in how well your model sticks together. While super glue works on pretty much anything, for plastic models I prefer to use glue specially made for it. It melts the plastic on each side and melds them together.

I wrote up an article on my favorite glue, Testors Model Masters that has a fine, metal tip. It is super handy for assembling small bits and holds well.

Kit Bashing vs. Scratch Building

If you are going for a new look for your model, there are two paths: kitbashing vs. scratch building. Ron has a classic post that speaks to his self-realization (and one I share) that kit bashing is not scratch building.

On the other hand, if you are up for building your own model from nothing but plastic strips and rods, Klaus is probably the master as seen by his Ork walker (and many more).

There is zero expectation to kit bash or scratch build anything for Dreadtober, but in case you are feeling ambitious, check them out.

Need Something else?

If you are stuck in your build and need tips, critiques, or opinions, you have three very good options to get help from the community:

  1. Leave a comment below. Myself or one of the other great participants can respond right there and create a discussion. You can even upload pictures right into the comments!
  2. Send me an email. If you want the feedback more directed or don’t want people to know you need help on something. You can always shoot me an email, and I can try to help you out.
  3. Post it to your social network of choice with the hashtag #dreadtober. Twitter is one of the more active places for conversation, but I’ll be keeping an eye out on the others as well.

Build the Canvas

Dreadtober has begun and with this week’s challenge you are to attempt to complete the assembly of your pledge. As everyone builds and paints differently, do not worry if you fall behind with a complex build or are suddenly ahead with a simple one. Adjust these challenges to your own needs and project plans set in the first challenge.

Now, forward my fellow Meks, Techmarines, Hive Minds, or what ever you may be! Forward to building victory!