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Saurus Warriors – The Lizardmen Pillars

Saurus Unit Champion

The Saurus Warriors are the backbone of the Lizardmen army. They are tough and they are mean. With toughness of 4 and a 4+ save they can take pretty good beating and even once they do it is hard to fail a leadership test of 8 using the cold blooded rule. With two attacks at strength 4 they are also a great unit on the offence as well.

I usually run two units of 20 with full command which acts as the focal point of my army. They attract the attention of the larger enemy units while my Skinks run around and pick off monsters and the like while the cold one calvary take a flank.

Currently both of my units are armed with only hand weapons but for 20 more points I could add 4 more attacks from the unit, something I’ll have to consider for the next unit build.

Saurus Warrior Unit

Saurus Warrior Unit

One of the things that I found really helpful for my units is to magnetize the base which keeps the banner bearer from falling over and troops from flying about when I remove casualties and catch the tail of the warrior in front. I’ll have to put together  a quick tutorial in the future but I simply buy a magnetic sheet that they use for promotional fridge magnets. I glue one sheet into the movement tray and cut the other to fit in the bottom of each base. Care needs to be taken here in that if the magnets are the wrong direction they don’t attract correctly.