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Lizardmen Stegadon – old school style!

Lizardmen Stegadon - OOP Model - Left Side

Some more old-school lizard goodness! Ranking as the hardest to-hold-together model, the OOP Stegadon displays the main of the issues with metal models: size = cost, higher cost = less margin, less margin = unhappy stock holders. Once I get around to buying the new plastic kit I’ll have to take a picture of them side-by-side but I am willing to guess that the old stegadon is at least half the size of the new one.

Lizardmen Stegadon - OOP Model - Right Side

Then you have the howdah, not only is it so small it is hard to fit even 5 skinks in there, but it connects to the stegadon at a very small point, causing it to break off time, and time again… which is part of the reason I hardly ever play with the model.

Lizardmen Stegadon - OOP Model - Front

Tactic wise I have had mixed results with the Stegadon in 7th edition and not sure how well it will work at all in 8th with the changes to many of the rules. The basic stegadon (which is the only one I’ve used) is simply a battering ram. Sure it has some shooting but with only BS3 and S5 for the great bow it is not a real threat, though 2D6 blow pipe shots could put the hurt on. The real use for this though is charging it head long into a unit and hope that between impact hits, the 4 S5 hits from the stegadon and the 5 skinks (and now the stop attack as well) it can do enough hurt to compensate for any rank, standard, and wounds the enemy can do.