40k, Mentor Legion, WIP
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Another Side Project: Mentor Legion – WIP

Mentor Legion Sargent - HeadA long while back my FLGS was doing a challenge to paint a unit from every Space Marine Chapter on the poster that GW put out a few years back. I looked into my bitz boxes and realized I had quite a few loyal space marine pieces that I needed to put a use to and decided to jump in. I wanted to chose a chapter that would be fun to paint, but require me to stretch my painting skills. With this requirements, the Mentor Legion caught my eye as they are a not-often played army (at least from what I’ve seen) and had white armor (which I heard was difficult to paint well).

To further challenge my self I decided that I would minimize my use of washes on this army and work on blending and layering. I decided to start with the sergeant the squad as the test model since it is a bit more ok if he stands out slightly from the rest of the squad.

Mentor Legion Sargent

I think the white armor came off a bit too brown and streaky up close, but comes off well as a table top model. I’m also not so sure about the yellow power sword, the idea was to tie it in with the chest eagle and eyes but it doesn’t look as striking like a power sword should. At this point I just need to finish his base and add some company/squad markings and he is done.

Mentor Legion Tactical Squad - WIP

Here is the rest of the small, test squad I had started, but with Real Life (I think one of you bloggers has that copyrighted, hope you don’t sue me 😉 ) I had to put them aside for a time. They are now sitting on my painting table awaiting my motivation.

Please give me any feedback (negative or positive) on the sarge so I can continue to improve my style and technique with the other 4 in this squad.