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Lizardmen Scar-Veteran

Lizardmen Scar-Veteran

Next up in my Lizardmen showcase is the Scar-Veteran.

While not the most powerful hero in the game, he is a solid character at only 85 points base.With S/T of 5 most troops won’t wound him on less than a 5 while he’ll wound on 2’s.

My standard upgrades include the Sword of the Hornet, Enchanted shield and light armor. This gives him a 2+ save and always strikes first.

Tactics are pretty straight forward: place him in a unit of Saurus and charge the toughest unit the enemy has. Between his 4 attacks and the 13 S4 attacks of the unit, entire ranks of enemy are knocked down and eaten.

Scar-Veteran, right side Scar-Veteran, left side

The scenic base was more of a necessity as this model is very front heavy and would often fall forward when I moved the unit or placed on any sort of downward slope. I built up the rock mound with flash from the metal kits to create a bit more weight to the base then covered it with green stuff and contoured it to create a jutting rock face.