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Skink Heroes

Skink Chief

Skink heroes seem to be often looked in favor or the mightier Suarus Scar-Vets or used only as Slann sight-glasses.

Used correct Skink Chiefs can be perfect wizard hunters, war-machine destroyers or  a great boost for hunting Skinks. With their movement of 6 they can get where they are needed quickly and with 3 attacks at I6 and S4 they will often strike the first blows against their intended target. Add in the Bane head to double wounds on a specific character and the Burning Blade to punch through armor and even the little skink can take much larger foes down.

Skink Chief

In 7th edition, Skink Priests were often used as an extension of the Slann’s eyes and perhaps dropping a thunderbolt here and there. The can only pick from Lore of the Heavens which had some great spells but also some not-so-great spells. With the revamp of spells and magic system, the Skink priest has the potential of laying some smack down with chain lightning or the comet or really messing with the enemies plans by making a unit re-roll all their 6’s.

Skink Priest

Those of you who have been around for a while may recognize these models as the old metal command. To me the banner bearer is a perfect representation of a prophet of the lizard gods. The little drummer… er lizard… is still laying in the bitz box awaiting a painted life.