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Good Reads 55 – Bog Daemons, Tzeentch Titan, Sculpting, and More

Catching back up myself, I present to you Good Reads 55 with some of my favorite hobby blog articles from the week. With some incredible conversions, tutorials, and inspirational pieces, these are well worth your time to read.

Good Reads 55

More Demon Trees

Bog Dryads Converted Sylvaneth

Bog Dryads by NafNaf

I don’t think I will get tired of seeing the incredible conversions by NafNaf. He has been adding to his Bog Sylvaneth, with some corrupted Dryads and Bog Wraith Bitch. The seamless transformation between Nurgle demon and Treeman is incredible.

Tzeentch Imperial Knight

Converted Tzeentch Chaos Knight

Tzeentch Knight by D Powers

Another incredible hobbyist, D Power’s latest project involved converting a Tzeentch themed Chaos Knight. There are so many cool little details, from the chess themed base (everyone is a pawn of Tzeentch) to the tentacle fist, to the portal to hell on the tilt shield.

Making Bandanas

Sculpting Bandannas for Ork Freebooters

Sculpted Bandanas by Hobbyistgirl

Not only has the Hobbyistgirl joined the ranks of hobby bloggers, but she started out with this great tutorial on sculpting bandanas for her Ork Freebootas. It adds a lot to their look and really brings in the theme.

Sculpting Videos

Mr. Pink is back to making video tutorials on how to sculpt. The first three video dive into the basic tools, putty, and techniques. I’m really excited about these.

Heresy Sons

Heresy Era Thousands Sons Army

Sons army by Modian7th

Trying to wrap up his army for Nova, Modian7th has been knocking out the last of his Heresy era Thousand Sons marines. It is an incredible looking army and hopefully burning plenty of unworthy foes into ash.

Don’t Mess with this Pumpkin

Jack Scarecrow Dungeon Ninja Explorer

Jack Scarecrow by Scott

For something a bit different, Scott, The Brush Wizard, painted up Jack from Ninja Division, complete with custom sculpted pumpkin field. Scott will be judging the Golden Kobold at GenCon if you want to stop by the Ninja booth and say hi.

Adding Some Magic

Human Wizard with OSL Magic effect

Wizard by Dave G

Dave wanted to paint a wizard for his RPG adventures. Using a Privateer Press mini, he added a ton of OSL for magical effects. I especially like the effect of pulling energy out of the spell book, added with some gel medium.