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Good Reads 49

It is incredible to see what hobbyists come up with or the new projects they are painting. Good Reads is my attempt to showcase some of the favorite ones I found. I hope they inspire you with your projects and teach you a new trick or two.

Good Reads 49

DIY Terrian is Still Cool

DIY Terrain Build from Tin Can and Bits

Can Tower by Jack

Sometimes you need more line of sight blocking scenery pieces, especially with all those big guns out there. To solve this, Jack built up a couple of pieces from leftover cans and a few spare bits. Then with his usual impressive painting skills, he turned them into great looking pieces.

Coils of the Hydra

Alpha Legion Contemptor Dreadnought

Alpha Legion Dreadnought by the Gungrave

I liked how Gungrave’s Alpha Legion Dreadnought turned out. Between the charging pose and the fantastic metallic blue, it makes for a very nice looking Contemptor. The details pop with his paint job as well, showing off Forge World’s excellent sculpting.

Make Your Own Castle

Hirst Arts Castle

Plaster Castle by John

The dream of many fantasy gamers is to do a castle siege, reliving all those cool scenes from Lord of the Rings. John built himself a full castle for just such a purpose from Hirst Arts plaster casts.  The incredible amount of work to cast all those pieces is amazing unto itself, but his paint job is equally impressive.

The Knight Awaiting

Converted Knight Titan of Chaos in Blanche style

Victory Awaits by D Powers

I’ve posted D’s work before, but this Knight Titan, Victory Awaits, is just incredible. Between the creative and amazing conversions, to the Blanchian paint style, it is a horrible beauty to behold. Just take a moment and take in all the details this beast hides.

Monsters of Rage

Painted Miniatures from Blood Rage Game

Blood Rage Monsters Painted by Rory

I haven’t heard of the game Blood Rage, but the miniatures look fantastic, and Rory did an excellent job of painting the monsters from the set. Each is a mythical monster from Viking legend, and the sculpts and paint job fit each miniature.

Make Extra Rubble

Making rubble for scenery with cut up bits

Siph making a mess

Want to add some additional details to all the scenery you are building? Maybe show the boundaries of ruins or build up some barriers. Siph gives a great tip on using spare sprue and range rulers to make bricks and beams.

Overgrown Bases

Making jungle or alien bases with overgrown look

Overgrown base by Scar Hand Painting

For an alien or jungle look, this tutorial by Scar Hand Painting is fantastically simple. He uses an odd, but very effective technique to combine white glue and super glue for the distorted earth look. With a few well placed seeds and spheres, it becomes alien very quickly.

Blood Thirsting with Friends

Adding Bloodletters to a Bloodthirster base

Bloodthirster by Spot1cus

Multi-wound models can be difficult to keep track of damage during a game. Dice placed for markers often get picked back up while random tokens can look out of place. Spot1cus solved this for his Bloodthirster by using extra Bloodletters on the base. As the greater demon loses wounds, Bloodletters are removed until he is all that remains!

Painting the Rat Pack

Painting the Skaven Blood Bowl Team

Skaven by Stahly

I’ve been excited about Blood Bowl since its release, in part because each team is a contained set of miniatures. For this reason, painting tutorials like Stahly’s Skaven Team are on my save list. It is a long tutorial but produces great results.

Painting Hazards

Painting Hazard Stripes

Hazard Stripes by Table Top Teacher

Yellow and black chevrons can add a blast of color or add to the miniature’s story. But they aren’t the easiest things to paint. The Table Top Teacher gives a great tip on how he paints his with a foam brush.

Monsters Marched

Monster March Painting Challenge

Monster March has officially concluded for the year and Sword Master posted the final results of the participants. The monsters look awesome and it is exciting to see events like this being hosted by bloggers.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this week’s set of posts for Good Reads 49. Hit up each of the bloggers and give them a follow. If you like getting a dose of hobby blogs in your inbox every week, make sure you join my newsletter, The Brush Stroke. I dig through my collection of saved posts for some real gems and serve them up with the latest posts from Broken Paintbrush.