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Good Reads 49

Good Reads 49

It is incredible to see what hobbyists come up with or the new projects they are painting. Good Reads is my attempt to showcase some of the favorite ones I found. I hope they inspire you with your projects and teach you a new trick or two. DIY Terrian is Still Cool Sometimes you need more line of sight blocking scenery pieces, especially with all those big guns out there. To solve this, Jack built up a couple of pieces from leftover cans and a few spare bits. Then with his usual impressive painting skills, he turned them into great looking pieces. Coils of the Hydra I liked how Gungrave’s Alpha Legion Dreadnought turned out. Between the charging pose and the fantastic metallic blue, it makes for a very nice looking Contemptor. The details pop with his paint job as well, showing off Forge World’s excellent sculpting. Make Your Own Castle The dream of many fantasy gamers is to do a castle siege, reliving all those cool scenes from Lord of the Rings. John built himself a …

Painting guide for the Mi-Go from Mansions of Madness

Painting the Mi-gos from Mansions of Madness

Back to another monster from Mansions of Madness. This week I have the Mi-Go models – odd looking fly/bat/mosquito creatures that like to eat brains. I went for an other-worldly look with pink and purple skin and blue carapace, and of course, blood. I used two main techniques on the Mi-Go: drybrush and wash. This allowed them to be done relatively quickly while still pulling out the details. Step 1: Base Colors After a white primer, I painted all the base colors to get a sense of where each would go. This has been particularly hard for the Mi-Go as they were going to be pinks and blues – which can get a bit garish if not balanced well. Step 2: Dry Brush Electric Blue The first layer was doing the carapace. I chose to do dry brush from this model for two reasons: it would be quick, and it has lots of textures that work well with dry brushing. So grabbing my small dry brush, I applied a layer of Electric Blue over all the …

Tyranid Warrior of Behemoth

Tyranid Warrior Brood

Ok so that teaser post was a while back now, blame it on Real Life ™. But anyway, here are some more units for Hive Fleet Behemoth, this time a (now old) Tyranid Warrior Brood to lead the little gaunts into battle. Each is armed with the classic scything and death spitters to give a well rounded battle field role of longish range shooting with an extra attack in close combat. While the lack of the special weapon gives it a lack of punch, it also helps cut down on the point cost – which makes this a great throw-away leader unit if needed. This is one of my favorite aspects of the Tyranids, in that you can see the hunger and drive in each of the units. From the snarling faces to the forward lunge it is clear they are trying hard to get forward into the enemy. This view shows the contrast between the deep, smooth(ish) red and the high-contrast blue of the carapace. I really wanted an army that sticks out from the table top …